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With all of the effort that is required to produce a webinar, how do you get the most — and the right — people to register and attend?

Webinar Marketing Blueprint

While you may be doing many of these ideas already, it always makes sense to look at this question anew. Each of them probably deserves its own tipsheet, but for now, consider this one a checklist.

  1. Marketing (Bums in seats)

Partners (put together a partner kit): Either share downstream revenue from attendees, or agree on another quid-pro-quo.
Reach out to Associations where you have spoken, and ask them to publicize your webinar as a member benefit.
Associations that you are a member of: There are often discussion groups where publicizing your event is appropriate. Spending your budget on sponsorship or advertising is another way to get your message to this audience.
Identify any meeting planners who may want to have you speak, and ask them to attend your webinar, as a “test drive” showcase for your skills and your style.
Clients: Bring a friend, post on Social Media, bring a downstream customer as a guest
Newsletter: If you have a newsletter, write an article about the webinar, then “advertise” in it until the registration date cut-off.
Special purpose mailings: Send a special email advertising the event. Sending a letter or postcard through traditional mail can be especially effective as so few will do this anymore.
Email signature: Add the webinar to your signature, and also to the signature of everyone who works with you.
Post-registration: Ask the registrant if they know anyone else who would also like to join (colleagues, friends, family).
Add the event on your own Social Media channels, but also in the online communities that you are part of (e.g. LinkedIn groups and Facebook groups)
Make sure that the landing page is a good one: Uncluttered, video trailer, text that describes the benefits of attending, pricing (if applicable), testimonials, etc.

2. Registration

On the form, collect their full name, email, and ask a question; not only will this generate greater affinity, but it will also allow you to customize the presentation itself. A good question suggestion: What’s your biggest challenge with _____?
Send reminders one day before and one hour before. If you do it too often, you’ll annoy. If you can, add some value-added content, and remind them why the webinar is important.
For your most valuable hot prospects, use the phone: leave a voicemail thanking them for registering, and then a voicemail reminder the day of.

3. On the webinar itself

Use the time before it starts to “warm up” the audience with a pre-show.
Use a host to introduce you and to credentialize.
Use a moderator to manage the chat and Q&A. (In small webinars this can be done by the host.)
Use the host to moderate a bonus Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
Within your content, use live examples and case studies that your audience will relate to.
Link to any lead magnet with a QR code or a link in the chat.
Use the chat to collect opt-ins for a mid-webinar offer.

4. Post-webinar
Use a “drip” marketing automation sequence to maintain the connection with your attendees. The first step in the sequence should be a thank you note with links to anything promised. A later step will be an invitation to attend another webinar.
Phone your “hot” prospects to thank them, and ask if they had any questions that you might be able to answer directly.
Send non-attendees a link to the webinar recording.


Is there anything on this list that you’re not doing, but probably should? This week, use this list to update your own webinar marketing approach. And if you have other things to add to this list, let me know and I’ll add it in.

Marketing insight: Which of these makes most sense? Some webinars are more sales-oriented with a strong push for conversion. Others have a softer offer, while others are more designed to educate, build a list, or build a longer-term affinity. Depending on what you are hoping to achieve, how each are used — and even if they are used at all — can be very different.

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