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BLOGMatchmaker, Matchmaker

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How many people are in your network: 25? 200? 800? 1600? The number doesn’t matter as much as how tightly you are connected to them, and how tightly they are connected to each other.

When this linkage happens, so does magic. Your network can support you achieve your current goals, help you understand industry issues and trends, and make you aware of opportunities beyond. If your linkages are weak, your network is like a computer without electrical power: great potential, but wasted.

There are two primary ways to power your network. The first involves helping individuals within the network, by “giving” them things (ideas, information, support) that are genuinely helpful to them. Doing so lays the groundwork for them to return the favor.

The second way to power your network is to connect those within it to each other. This might mean a three-way meal, a Zoom meeting, or setting up a short coffee meeting for your contacts by themselves. If you create linkages of value, your relationship with both parties will also become more valuable. And they’ll return the favor, connecting you with contacts in their network.


Add the title “matchmaker” to your resume, and help your contacts with their networking. This week, identify three matches that you could arrange – and schedule the first meeting to happen this week.

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