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BLOGCareer Paradise

by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Career Planning, Make It Happen Tipsheet, Motivational, Personal DevelopmentTagged as: ,

Thinking about the joys of winter? Who enjoys the extreme cold, the slush, the transit delays, and the extra bother of winter clothing? On the other hand, the summer has its problems too: broken air conditioners (if you have one, that is), sunburn, mosquitoes, lawn maintenance, and fitting into that “shrunken” bathing suit.

It seems whenever we are in summer, we wish for cooler temperatures. When we are in winter, we wish for the warmth of summer. The grass always seems greener on the other side.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking also sneaks into our attitudes about our work. We sometimes think about quitting our job, or our boss, or our company – not because of problems with any of them, but rather because we see the benefits of being elsewhere. We begin to develop a poor attitude (or an indifference) to what we currently have, and that cynicism gets built into our personal brand.

This type of attitude is easily spotted by our colleagues, prospects, and those evaluating us for more senior roles.

Before you slide into that zone of cynicism, thoroughly evaluate the pros and cons of your current situation – and if you are thinking of a change, the potential one. For all of the issues that you see with where you are now, is there any way that they can be mitigated? And for all of the good that you see elsewhere, how sure are you that they are real – not imagined?


Whether you are thinking of moving on or not, make a list of the things that appealed to you when you first started in your current role. Then find a way to recapture each of them.

Career planning insight: Don’t run to – or compare against – a mythical career paradise.  (While winter – or your current role – may not be your favorite season, there aren’t tornadoes, over-sized bugs, or monsoons.)

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