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BLOGAcing the Google Thought Leadership Test

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Google has the enviable reputation of being the de facto repository for all “truth” in the world… at least as far as some people think. And maybe you’re one of them.

Acing the Google Thought Leadership Test

Not sure of the weather? Check Google. Need directions? Check Google. Currency exchange rates. Ditto. Definition of an unfamiliar word? Google. The credibility of a particular person? Yes, Google.

When someone wants to understand more about you, Google can provide an interesting, and supposedly unbiased perspective. Unpacking the Google test is really about doing better on two dimensions: scope of influence and depth of knowledge.

Scope of influence: The more that you appear in Google when someone searches for your area of expertise, the more evidence there is that you are looked to by others as an authority. And of course, the more you appear in the top Google rankings, the higher you “rank” against others in your area of thought leadership.

Depth of knowledge: When a person actually looks at what you say on Google, they will have an opinion of it: Are you intelligent? Are you being quoted (or profiled) by highly regarded sources or websites? Or is it the opposite?

While many feel that the way to do better in Google rankings is SEO (and there is some merit in this), the only sustainable way to ace the Google Test for thought leadership is sustained long-term thought leadership behavior. This means everything from being quoted in traditional and online media, developing your own thoughtful content (blogs, white papers, podcasts, etc.), and having your thinking referenced by others online.


Test both your scope of influence and depth of knowledge. How do you rank on Google, when someone searches for your area of expertise? And how would your depth of knowledge be perceived when someone searches explicitly for your name? The answers to these questions are your benchmark. This week, schedule the same test for next year at this time, to see how far you’ve moved the needle.

Thought Leadership insight: No needle will be moved if you are not doing the right things. If you’re not sure, reach out: happy to share a few ideas…. (Check out our Braintrrust Professional Institute course on Thought Leadership.)

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