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BLOGSocial Media Dieting

by Randall CraigFiled in: Blog, Make It Happen Tipsheet, Strategy, Time managementTagged as: ,

Do you have a well-defined morning routine, that includes Social Media?  Tweet, Post, Check Status, Share, and Comment.  Then see who has looked at your LinkedIn profile.  Later, repeat – sometimes several times.

There is nothing wrong with connection.  In fact, Social Media is built precisely on this foundation.

Unfortunately, every minute spent on Social Media means a minute less on other activities.  We sometimes neglect to consider what is being displaced:

  • Critical thinking time.  Instead, we crave the interruption from numerous social alerts and messages.
  • Creation time.  Instead we have become, at best, consumers.
  • Writing time.  Instead, we hav bcum xperts @ shortform txting.  And our ability to write atrophies.

Most importantly, we displace the development of real-world in-person relationships with (often) shallower online ones.  We spend more time by ourselves, “plugged in”.  And we accept that  Social Media lurking and stalking are becoming commonplace – and possibly even acceptable.


It’s worthwhile to periodically look more closely at the mix of your activities, and ask yourself this question:  what have your Social Media  activities displaced?  If you’re not happy with the answer, it may be time to put your Social Media activities on a diet.

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