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Graphic designers know that if you have one element on the page, and lots of white space around it, the eye is drawn to that one element. Professional speakers know how to use a pause – silence – to emphasize a point. And musicians know that a break in the music creates anticipation.

How can we use the concept of white space to achieve professional success, and help achieve the balance we desire? While the following ideas are quite different, they are tangible examples of how white space can be used:

  • Format your documents so that there is as much emphasis on the white space as the text
  • Don’t rush to fill the silence with your ill-considered thoughts.
  • Use the pause to give others time to process your ideas, before you move on to your next point.
  • Instead of scheduling your meetings back-to-back, add some time between, so that you can properly prepare – and properly digest – the meeting’s subject matter.


For each of the ideas above, resolve to add some white space. Each day, find one example where you could improve your document formatting, “silence”, pausing for comprehension, and scheduling. While adding white space may seem to be a less productive activity, it helps others focus on your most important ideas – and on you.

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