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Make It Happen Tipsheet

  • Spontaneous Discovery

    Spontaneous Discovery

    Have you ever thought about the benefits of aging? We're more mature, we listen more carefully, we're given more responsibilities, and we earn the experience that prepares us for even more.  We have wisdom.  But sometimes it is of the "conventional" type... which is a problem. Contrast this to children: [More]

  • Social Media Sinkholes

    Social Media Sinkholes

    There are over 500 web sites that have a Social Media angle to them. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok might be the most familiar, but you may also spend time on eBay, Amazon, Kijiji, and others. In fact, you may be spending so much time on these platforms, that you [More]

  • One step back, two steps forward

    One step back, two steps forward

    It's always frustrating when after much hard work, you hit an obstacle: you're not sure of the next step, a key person doesn't buy in, or you forgot to book a key piece of equipment. When this happens, you (and your team) often become demotivated, and progress usually stalls. You're [More]

  • Twitter Strategy (updated)

    Twitter Strategy (updated)

    There is no shortage of discussions about Twitter, which is ironic, as each Tweet is just 140 characters, the length of this first sentence.  (Note that Twitter's limit has been increased from this number, and can now be as long as 280 characters... the length of this paragraph.) Yet most [More]

  • Motivation


    What makes you happy either at work? And what makes you unhappy? While you can probably list many items in each category, are they opposites? If something makes you happy, will the absence of it make you unhappy? According to the psychologist Frederick Herzberg, the answer may actually be "no".  [More]

  • Squeezing the Negative

    Squeezing the Negative

    Have you ever been in a situation with your team when you're trying to figure out how to get everything just right? As problem solvers, our attention quickly focuses on what is wrong. We think that if the deficiencies could be removed, then everything would be perfect. Processes would be [More]

  • What catches your eye?

    What catches your eye?

    What can we learn from the world of advertising? That ads that are intrusive or annoying might stand out for most.  But seriously: billions are spent each year, in every country of the world, online and offline - surely something has been learned that can have direct applicability to us? [More]

  • What’s your Foundation?

    What’s your Foundation?

    Architects know that a strong building needs a strong foundation. The architect specifies deep excavations, concrete basements, pillars, and metal girders for this reason. For businesses, a strong foundation means adequate financing, a committed management team, and a product or service that has a strong market demand. Teachers understand foundations [More]

  • Social Media Tune-up

    Social Media Tune-up

    Your car needs a tune-up every once in a while. As individuals, we go to the doctor or dentist on a regular schedule. But have you ever done a social media tune-up? Didn't think so. We sign up to a number of sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others), use [More]

  • Intellectual Health Food

    Intellectual Health Food

    Where did you pick up your current attitude to learning? The quick answer is your friends, family, school, and work colleagues. Looking more widely, you probably were influenced by TV, movies, your favorite author, and the culture in general.  Too often, the biggest influencers are mindless TV shows, complaining friends [More]


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