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Make It Happen Tipsheet

  • Social Media Crash Landing

    Social Media Crash Landing

    Remember Y2K? There were no major computer crashes, but there was, just a few months later, a technology crash of a different sort, when many Dot Com's lost most of their market value. The market learned painfully that eyeballs didn't pay the rent - revenue did. Today we seem to [More]

  • The Authentic Me

    The Authentic Me

    Have you ever listened to a presentation and thought it sounded fake?  Or met someone for the first time, and thought they were different in person when compared to their emails? Too often, we think that we need to be different people to different audiences:  the stern parent, the loving [More]

  • Foolish Policies or Accountability

    Foolish Policies or Accountability

    Chances are you are working (or have worked) in an organization that gave you a PC that was completely locked down. You were not allowed to add your own software, let alone customize the software that was pre-installed. If you did want to go to the web, you could do [More]

  • Not Just Marketing

    Not Just Marketing

    Too often it is the marketers, advertisers, PR folks, and others involved in the sales process who "own" digital within an organization. This isn't surprising, but it is unfortunate. The development of relationships is critically important in just about every organizational department, and each person's individual success.  And digital transformation [More]

  • The Toughest Question

    The Toughest Question

    With millions of pages written on the subject, presumably there is an answer for every Digital Strategy question that comes up.  Unfortunately, this is not the case - and it's not Google's fault. When the web first started, the challenge was that with so few sites, there was very little [More]

  • The Social Benchmark

    The Social Benchmark

    In your professional field, who is the best at what they do? Chances are, you didn't name yourself. This is not surprising - between personal modesty, and our competitive instinct to look over our shoulders, we will usually make the comparison to others. Management experts will tell you that a [More]

  • Strategy and Synergy

    Strategy and Synergy

    Many people are interested in writing a blog, particularly if they have special expertise.  Yet, the specific topic area of the blog usually eludes them.  Choose the wrong topic area, and you're stuck with it, and because of Google, it sticks to you... forever. The overall blogging rule is simple: [More]

  • Management and Measurement

    Management and Measurement

    When the economy is tight, most organizations face a financial call-to-action: tighten your belts, manage costs, and cut-cut-cut. This seems reasonable - financial management will rationalize that revenues no longer support a "higher" level of expenditure, so either sales must increase, or expenses must be cut. But how are these [More]

  • Viewpoint: 47 Tough Social Media Questions

    Viewpoint: 47 Tough Social Media Questions

    Do you have the feeling that many digital - and specifically Social Media - investments have not really paid out? That there is a lot of expensive wheel-spinning, and very little in the way of tangible results? With all of the fluff being written on the topic, it isn't surprising [More]

  • Viewpoint: Will Facebook Take Over the World?

    Viewpoint: Will Facebook Take Over the World?

    You may not realize it, but the game playing, ad-serving, stalker-friendly site called Facebook has long busted out of it's walled garden and moved into the "real world" in a very big way. And it is having profound implications for government, other businesses, and each of us as individuals. Unless [More]


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