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Risk Management

  • Trust, Website Security, and SEO

    Trust, Website Security, and SEO

    Contrast this, with this next screen shot, where the URL bar explicitly says Not Secure: The key difference between these two sites is that the first site (mine) is encrypted (look at the URL that starts with "https"), while the second example (Apache) is not encrypted at all.  Yikes! While there [More]

  • Insight: The Business of Risk

    Insight: The Business of Risk

    What if something goes wrong? Most people are not keen on taking risks. A small faction of people are definitely risk–takers. Whether you are one or the other, the decisions you make often boil down to one ratio: The Risk-return equation. We spend a lot of time on Return, and [More]

  • Five Steps to Reduce Risk

    Five Steps to Reduce Risk

    Are you keen on risk?  Do you seek it out?  Most people and organizations don't - and for good reason.  Yet risk is not necessarily bad: it is part of the risk-return equation; it doesn't identify only exposure - it also identifies potential opportunity. What is bad is unnecessary risk. [More]

  • Eyeballs and Friends: A Social Media Crash?

    Eyeballs and Friends: A Social Media Crash?

    What do eyeballs and friends have in common with each other? Except for the fact that your friends have eyeballs, not much. Or do they?  Is time ripe for a Social Media crash? Let's go back to the year 1999, the time the unshakeable belief that so long as you [More]

  • Avoiding tech project failures (2)

    Avoiding tech project failures (2)

    Have you ever had a problem - or a disastrous - project in your organization?  When this happens, it is often "clear" that the problem is with the consultants hired to help, and sadly, this is often true. But is some of the fault also with your organization?  While a previous [More]

  • LinkedIn Connection Policy

    LinkedIn Connection Policy

    Do you accept every LinkedIn connection request that comes your way?  Or are you selective? And is there an overall approach that can help you make this decision in a somewhat more strategic manner?  Consider the pro's and con's of two opposing approaches: The case for an exclusive black book [More]

  • Branding and Web Security

    Branding and Web Security

    What determines the confidence in your brand?  Yes, the visual identity and what people see.  And yes, the experience and interaction people have, both online and in the real world.  And yes, the social media (and traditional media) buzz - both positive and negative.  But there is another factor, hidden [More]

  • Reputation Rescue

    Reputation Rescue

    Have you ever been in a situation where your personal reputation has been called into question online?  Or your organization's brand is under attack from a special interest group, and it is emerging somewhat battered?  Not good. Of course, the best way to build a great reputation is to do [More]

  • Identity theft and email spoofing

    Identity theft and email spoofing

    Think your identity is secure?  Think again - it isn't. Consider this email that a colleague recently received from "me": Hello Monty, How are u doing? I will like you to handle an International bank transfers for me with some other few transactions today but first,let me know the required information [More]

  • Identifying and reducing Facebook risks

    Identifying and reducing Facebook risks

    While many people enjoy Facebook for personal use (connections to family and friends, posting photos, playing games), does it really have a business role for your organization? Whether the answer is yes or no, one thing is certain: Facebook represents a risk vector that must be considered.  In no particular [More]


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