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  • LinkedIn Spam Reduction Strategy

    LinkedIn Spam Reduction Strategy

    One of the current practices (let's not call it a "best" practice) that people use on LinkedIn, is to reach out to a prospect based on an affinity of some type, and then ask to be a connection. The request to be a contact can start out innocently ("I notice [More]

  • LinkedIn Prospecting — A New Social Contract?

    LinkedIn Prospecting — A New Social Contract?

    Without a doubt, LinkedIn is the premier business networking tool. It has come a long way as a repository for your contacts and an online version of your resume: It has a complete suite of recruitment tools, sales tools (e.g. LinkedIn Sales Navigator), advertising tools, and more. But strangely, not [More]

  • Viewpoint:  Microsoft LinkedIn

    Viewpoint: Microsoft LinkedIn

    What do you do if you have a spare $26 billion hanging around? If you are Microsoft, you buy professional social networking site  What do you do if you are an avid LinkedIn user, or if LinkedIn is central to your organization's engagement and marketing plans?   Be happy, but [More]

  • LinkedIn Connection Policy

    LinkedIn Connection Policy

    Do you accept every LinkedIn connection request that comes your way?  Or are you selective? And is there an overall approach that can help you make this decision in a somewhat more strategic manner?  Consider the pro's and con's of two opposing approaches: The case for an exclusive black book [More]

  • Identifying and reducing Facebook risks

    Identifying and reducing Facebook risks

    While many people enjoy Facebook for personal use (connections to family and friends, posting photos, playing games), does it really have a business role for your organization? Whether the answer is yes or no, one thing is certain: Facebook represents a risk vector that must be considered.  In no particular [More]

  • LinkedIn Connection Policies

    LinkedIn Connection Policies

    Must you be everyone's friend?  Or perhaps from a practical perspective, must you accept everyone's LinkedIn connection request?  The answer for most people, and for many reasons, is a resounding no. It is true that accepting a connection request yields numerous benefits, particularly around increased access and transparency: More of [More]

  • Social Media: Buy or Rent?

    Social Media: Buy or Rent?

    What do houses, cars, and Social Media all have in common?  For one thing, they all share a primary question:  Buy or Rent.  Buy a house, or look for a rental?  Buy a car, or lease it?  And should we rent our Social Media, or build our own? Most leaders [More]

  • LinkedIn Groups: to join or not?

    LinkedIn Groups: to join or not?

    "You have been invited to be part of the LinkedIn group ABCDE."  With millions of groups available and more created every day, it is tempting to join - but should you? There is nothing wrong with a gut decision to click the join button, but there is also nothing wrong [More]

  • Social Media Slimming Down: Costly or Gone

    Social Media Slimming Down: Costly or Gone

    There is no question that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking platforms around. It connects, credentializes, and recruits. It provides a glimpse into the professional lives of those we know, and those we want to know. But it has been providing less, and less, and less. Consider the [More]

  • Four Steps from Social Strategy to Successful Sales

    Four Steps from Social Strategy to Successful Sales

    With all of the wheel-spinning and effort spent on social media, wouldn't it be nice to actually use it to grow sales? Not improve awareness, develop the brand, help with marketing, or "continue the conversation". But actually sell. Here are four ways that social media can be use to sell [More]


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