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Make It Happen Tipsheet

  • Carrot and Stick Resolutions

    Carrot and Stick Resolutions

    If you're like many people, you will make a New Year's Resolution: start this project, finish that project, exercise more, eat less, etc. Yet despite our best intentions, too often there is little follow-through, and the resolution is quietly abandoned. How can you make your resolutions - or any goal [More]

  • Personal Branding Early Warning System

    Personal Branding Early Warning System

    A common definition of Personal Branding relates to the first impression people have of you. What do your clothes suggest? Do you look friendly, or aggressive? Expressions such as "you only have one chance to make a good first impression" reinforce this definition further. Here's a second definition: what people [More]

  • Motivation vs. Movement

    Motivation vs. Movement

    Why do some people have such incredible drive, and others seem to just bumble along, rarely achieving their professional goals? To answer this question one need only look at motivation, and how it usually is "achieved" on the job. Most people have annual job goals or objectives. As an example, [More]

  • The Seven Steps of Digital Engagement

    The Seven Steps of Digital Engagement

    Social Media is all around us: from blogs to Twitter, from discussion forums to TikTok to Facebook. Yet how do we decide how much time and energy to spend on each of these? Consider the following Seven Steps to Digital Engagement - each person moves up the hierarchy, step-by-step. Of course, [More]

  • Conversation starters

    Conversation starters

    Do you have a website, spend money on advertising, or engage in "media relations"? If so, you probably have a fair amount of experience broadcasting a specific message to a specific audience. Unfortunately, most people use this same paradigm when it comes to Social Media. They post updates on Facebook [More]

  • Letters to the Editor

    Letters to the Editor

    When you read a book or newspaper article, do you think that the writer got it "perfect" on the very first draft? Or do you think that an editor (or two) may have made a few changes, prior to publication? Yet, too ofen when we ourselves write a memo, report, [More]

  • Visionary


    I Have a Dream. Yes We Can. We Strive to Serve Our Stakeholder Groups. While the first two of these might be familiar, why isn't the third? The first of these was from Martin Luther King Jr, while the second was from President Barack Obama. The third - or some [More]

  • Finding the Pearl

    Finding the Pearl

    Have you ever worked with (or observed) a leader who was truly motivating? If so, you may have wondered how they did it, and by extension, how you might become this way. The job of the leader is to use each person's special strength - their pearl - to its [More]

  • Verbalization


    Did you ever think that you would appreciate the grammar that you learned back in grade school? While writers (and grade school teachers) might be concerned with nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech, is there any reason you should be? The answer is yes... but perhaps not for the [More]

  • Too Many Friends?

    Too Many Friends?

    Can you ever have too many friends? In real life, the answer is no, but when we're talking about social media, the answer is definitively yes. If you have been collecting so-called friends, contacts, connections, and followers online, then you probably notice that some are more valuable than others. Others [More]


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