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  • Insight: The Business of Risk

    Insight: The Business of Risk

    What if something goes wrong? Most people are not keen on taking risks. A small faction of people are definitely risk–takers. Whether you are one or the other, the decisions you make often boil down to one ratio: The Risk-return equation. We spend a lot of time on Return, and [More]

  • 27 Reasons to Skip Social Media

    27 Reasons to Skip Social Media

    There are many reasons why an investment in Social Media makes sense, but precious little about why it may not.  After advising on digital strategy and online engagement for over 27 years, here are 27 reasons why you should give it a skip: When your target audience isn't online. When [More]

  • Social ROI: Connecting Community to Commitment

    Social ROI: Connecting Community to Commitment

    Do you have a creeping feeling that you will never get an adequate return on your Social Media investment?  If so, you're probably right. To improve digital ROI requires three key ingredients: the first reduces costs, and the second and third improve return. Improve program efficiency: Swap out experimentation and [More]

  • Real World or Digital

    Real World or Digital

    Despite the near ubiquity of Social Media, you can't say hello to your Starbucks barista there.  Putting aside Zoom, which isn't Social Media anyway, you can't see your team's body language during a meeting.  You can't celebrate with friends and family in real-time.  Everything seems to be in 2D - [More]

  • Testing the Social Conversation

    Testing the Social Conversation

    Have you ever put your social influence to the test?  Or said another way, do others find you half as interesting as you do yourself?  If you're not sure, here are seven ideas that might spur some different thinking. 17 Ways to Great Social Engagement: Not sure why your blog [More]

  • Generating ROI: The other 95%

    Generating ROI: The other 95%

    How do you determine the ROI on your marketing and sales investments? The standard formula is simple: divide the return, less investment, by the investment. A marketing campaign costs $1000, and reaches out to 1000 prospects. Five per cent of these respond, generating $1000 profit, for an ROI of zero: [More]

  • Social Over-Indulgence

    Social Over-Indulgence

    Unfortunately, this zeal to include Social Media is often done thoughtlessly.  There are numerous cases where "doing" Social Media makes no sense at all.  Three examples: 1) When there is no call to action - or when there isn't even a social address provided. In the picture above, taken at [More]

  • Low Digital Productivity?

    Low Digital Productivity?

    Are you one of "those" people who have thoroughly adopted Social Media, but have a nagging feeling that you just aren't that productive with it?  Or are you tapped out, and have no interest in adding extra time to your day with low-value online activities?  In either case, you're not [More]

  • Eight Great Social Media Reads

    Eight Great Social Media Reads

    Out of all of the thinking, blogging, tweeting, posting, and speaking on the subject, here are some of the most practical - and thought-provoking articles on the topic. 1) When users defect:  Understanding why users leave, and what to do about it. 2) Six Steps to Strategic Blogging:  How to [More]

  • Digital Capability

    Digital Capability

    With so much focus on digital ROI and digital performance, an important issue is often forgotten: digital capability. This concept refers to an organization's ability to take advantage of the promise of digital, whether it be social media, marketing automation, CRM, or even just the web. Too often, the limiting [More]


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