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  • The Activity Level Thought Leadership Test

    The Activity Level Thought Leadership Test

    The activity level test is simple: how "busy" is the thought leader? The more they are creating new intellectual property (books, blogs, podcasts, research, etc.), speaking at events, and engaged in conversations on social media, the higher they rank on this dimension. Sadly, one of the things that would-be thought [More]

  • 13 Resources for Writers

    13 Resources for Writers

    Do you wish that you could be more effective with the written word?   Have you always hated writing, from the first time your grade three teacher insisted you write two paragraphs on what you did during the summer?  Or maybe you enjoy the idea of writing, but you don't enjoy the reality [More]

  • 21 ways to have more effective virtual meetings

    21 ways to have more effective virtual meetings

    One of the biggest drivers of efficiency (and cost-savings) over the last decade has been the growth of virtual team meetings. Especially since COVID, who hasn't received a request to join one, using a technology such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Webex, Gotomeeting, or one of the dozens of other [More]

  • The Sharpest Point (2)

    The Sharpest Point (2)

    Have you ever listened to a presentation, and felt the signal-to-noise ratio could have been improved?  Or have you ever delivered a critical presentation, and felt that you could have done better... but you were not precisely sure how? Too often we add debris into our presentations.  These are those filler words, unrelated [More]

  • 14 great reads on building influence and impact

    14 great reads on building influence and impact

    Do your readers read beyond the first sentence or two?  And do they care enough about your ideas to actually act on them?  Writing is a critical engagement skill, so a small investment in time can make your words make a bigger impact. Here are 14 great reads that can increase your effectiveness - and [More]

  • Ten webinar utilization strategies

    Ten webinar utilization strategies

    Many marketers use webinars as an important strategy, but given the large investment developing the content, finding (and registering) attendees, and the logistics of production, how can you maximize the return on your webinar investment? Here are ten ideas that can help: Include a clear and easy call to action near the end [More]

  • Choosing your Marketing Voice

    Choosing your Marketing Voice

    Have you ever considered why some emails resonate, and others seem just a bit off? While the general topic of copywriting has been handled here quite well, too often emails - especially ones that form part of a marketing automation sequence - fail because of one thing: voice. Consider these [More]

  • Marketing Fluff: Increasing your value per word

    Marketing Fluff: Increasing your value per word

    When you write, does everything that you put down on paper - or come out of your mouth - deliver exceptional value? Or is there a certain amount of low-value filler that invades your communications? There are three strategies that can significantly upgrade your value in the eyes of your [More]

  • 11 killer copywriting techniques

    11 killer copywriting techniques

    Here's a question you don't get asked every day: how much do you really know about writing?  And more particularly, the craft of copywriting?  Unless you do this for a living or had extensive training , the answer is likely not very much. Yet no matter your particular role or responsibilities, copywriting is an [More]

  • Creative Time and Place

    Creative Time and Place

    How can you be your most creative? Google the topic and you will find millions of pages with an answer. Some will say you are "born" with it. Others will say it is a matter of following a process.  And others will claim it is a matter of using a [More]


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