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16 Blog Topic Ideas

by Randall Craig on September 8, 2010

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As an expert, writing a blog is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and perspective. It helps prospective clients (or employers) understand how you think, and how you can solve their problems. If you are a marketer, a blog begins to create a community around your products and services. Blogging is one of the most effective marketing activities that you can do – but it takes commitment.

For most people who decide to start a blog, one question eventually pops up: What should I write about? “Me” isn’t the correct answer, although it is a frequent one. Instead, consider these alternatives:

  • Summarize and link to a current news item.
  • Implications/analysis of a current news item.
  • Five tips to _____.
  • Ask your readers: what do you recommend for______?
  • Trends (or predictions) in your industry.
  • Ask your readers: what’s the biggest challenge you’re currently facing?
  • Write about an external resource on your subject.
  • Interview another expert.
  • Have a guest blogger write a post.
  • Top ten links on a subject.
  • Contrarian view: why a certain strategy is wrong.
  • “Op Ed”: Your opinion on a topical issue.
  • Post an excerpt from one of your white papers, or from your book, if you are an author.
  • Seasonal posts (back to school, holidays, etc).
  • Post a video about any of the above topics.
  • Compilation of “Best of” posts.

This week’s action plan: If you haven’t started a blog, set a schedule (weekly is good), and then email yourself a post each week for a few months. If you can stick to it, then actually start the blog – you already have a backlog. If you do have a blog, how many different types of posts have you made? This week, try something different.

More on Blogging:

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Randall Craig

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Summer Motivation

by Randall Craig on July 7, 2010

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Have you ever found yourself becoming less motivated – and perhaps a bit less productive – during the summer? It isn’t surprising: great weather, outdoor activities, and more social time all conspire to have us think beyond the job. Yet to be successful, especially in a tough economy, requires both focus and productivity. Here are some ideas that can help:

From a personal perspective:

1) Recognize that when others are taking it easy, doing great work can distinguish you.
2) Don’t use to-do lists: instead, schedule activities directly into a time-slot in your calendar.
3) Take on a special summer project – maybe something that you’ve been meaning to do, but there hasn’t been time – except for now.
4) Use the summer for professional development – either formal training, or perhaps reading some of the latest business best-sellers.
5) Do the planning for a fall project. It’s much easier when the pressure is off.
6) Take some time to recharge – a vacation will do wonders for your energy level – and your state of mind.

If you manage other people:

1) Manage your staff to their goals and objectives, to help keep their eye on the ball.
2) Use the summer months for team-building and relationship building; a summer social activity, formal team-building activities, etc.
3) Reward individuals with recognition for excellent performance.
4) Empower a special project team with an end-of-summer deadline.
5) Arrange for a secondment for employees to another department  – and take someone else into yours.
6) Model the behavior you want in others: be a great example for those around you.

This week’s action plan: Choose one “extra” thing that you would like to accomplish this summer, then put it in your calendar. Not only will it improve your productivity, but because it
is an activity of your own choosing, it will also improve your motivation.

Bonus Tip: As individuals, we can also choose to be productive and motivated beyond the work day: choose one “extra” personal activity that you would like to accomplish before the season changes. Accomplishing goals both at work and at home is what gives us Life Balance – and also what gives us motivation each summer.

Note: The Make It Happen Tipsheet is also available by email. Go to to register.

Randall Craig

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White Space

by Randall Craig July 22, 2008

Graphic designers know that if you have one element on the page, and lots of white space around it, the eye is drawn to that one element. Professional speakers know how to use a pause – silence – to emphasize a point. And musicians know that a break in the music creates anticipation. How can […]

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Embrace and Extend

by Randall Craig July 1, 2008

How often have you been in a meeting, and felt that your colleagues’ ideas were… poor? The natural reaction is to argue the point, shut them down, and then present your own solution. Yet if you do this, you will not see any support for your ideas, either during the discussion or afterward. Instead, why […]

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Breaking Convention

by Randall Craig January 22, 2008

Recently, I came back from the annual convention of an association that I am highly involved in. There were plenty of keynotes, workshops, and networking that were excellent at the time. But the value of attending only accrues after you come home. The next time you attend a conference or trade show, break the conventional […]

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Starting a job before you start

by Randall Craig November 13, 2007

When was the last time that you started a new project, role, or job? Did you ever think about what you should do before you actually assumed your new responsibilities? While it may come as a surprise, what you do just beforehand will often have a great impact on your success as you start. Here […]

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Brainstorming Creatively

by Randall Craig March 13, 2007

Creativity can help you solve some of the most difficult problems, which is why it is an important criteria in new job postings. Yet why are some people so creative, and others aren’t? Creativity in business is something that you can develop through practice with your team, using a more enlightened brainstorming approach. In many […]

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