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  • Rebranding: Foiled by Human Nature

    Rebranding: Foiled by Human Nature

    While this is a perhaps too-basic question, and one that is clearly a set-up, there is one area of branding that is too often overlooked: human nature. On a recent cross-country road trip, I had the opportunity to stop in many small towns. And as I did, I felt I [More]

  • Using Personas to Understand Trust

    Using Personas to Understand Trust

    Personas are usually built to understand the details (and motivations) of a particular segment. Experienced marketers know the typical persona questions: Who are they -- demographically and psychographically? What service or product features are important to them? What challenges do they have? Where are they located? How do we reach [More]

  • Leaving a Market Behind?

    Leaving a Market Behind?

    Recently I had a stark reminder, in the most unlikely of places, that this is absolutely not the case.  For several hours, I spent sorting food at the local food bank. Instead of going through the front, where patrons were able to pick up their food, I went through the back, [More]

  • Transformational Thinking

    Transformational Thinking

    Remember what it felt like going back to school in September? You're completely energized, looking forward to a year when you do things, well, just that much better. If you are a  leader, you may often think of September - or your fiscal year - or the calendar year - [More]

  • Don’t tell me how to think: Trump, Trudeau, and the realpolitik of marketing today

    Don’t tell me how to think: Trump, Trudeau, and the realpolitik of marketing today

    Looking back, was there really a surprise that Donald Trump won the 2016 American election?  Or that Justin Trudeau won the Canadian one both in 2015 and 2019?  Or for that matter, that Brexit happened? These three results have much in common: Politicians and insiders who are perceived as privileged, and think that they [More]

  • A Different Market Research

    A Different Market Research

    You invest in events, send out emails, educate, and send invoices.  But how well do you really know your target audience?   Beyond the basic demographics, perhaps not as well as you might think.  Test yourself: how do you think they would answer the following questions? If asked to describe [More]

  • Viewpoint: The Rebranding Decision

    Viewpoint: The Rebranding Decision

    At what point might it make sense to rebrand? Not a question to be taken lightly, but it has been asked - or considered - by just about every CEO and every marketer at one point or another. In the spirit of putting some objective criteria behind any decision to change, [More]

  • Eight email marketing letters

    Eight email marketing letters

    Do you use email every day for marketing and outreach?  Not every email is the same - there are a number of different types, each with a different goal.  How many have you used?  Great marketers know that using the right stimulus at the right time will yield the desired results.  Using marketing emails [More]

  • Pricing strategy

    Pricing strategy

    If you are a service provider, how do you set your price? And if you are a buyer, how do you know whether the price that you are given is reasonable? Beyond the obvious, price itself is an indicator of a number of factors: value, credibility of the service provider, [More]

  • Viewpoint: Virtual and augmented reality

    Viewpoint: Virtual and augmented reality

    Imagine yourself to be Henry Ford, watching the first batch of Model T cars leaving the assembly line.  He might have been able to envision the impact of assembly lines on the economy, but not likely the societal impact of the interstate highway system, the international geopolitics of the oil and gas [More]


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