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  • Digital Transformation: 13 Reality-Check Questions

    Digital Transformation: 13 Reality-Check Questions

    If so, you're not alone. Here are 13 reality-check questions that should form part of any digital transformation initiative. Do you use an old-style email blast service, such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp? If so, then they will be subscribed to a “list.” A more strategic approach is to use [More]

  • Digital Transformation Strategy: Transformation to SAAS

    Digital Transformation Strategy: Transformation to SAAS

    Here are four steps to begin the process: 1. Define your "as a service": At one time, it only meant software. It may have been an API (applications programming interface), a webhook, plug-in, a website, or some other mechanism that provided metered functionality, either to another application, or to a [More]

  • When You Get Hacked

    When You Get Hacked

    While every situation is different, these action points will help you both recover… and reduce the risk going forward. Use this list as a checklist for when it happens, or as the basis for a plan you put together in advance.• Immediately change all of your passwords to strong passwords, [More]

  • ChatGPT Prompt Strategy

    ChatGPT Prompt Strategy

    One of the most profound changes in the area of content creation is Generative AI (eg. ChatGPT, Bard, Copilot, etc.). Ask a question, and it will answer. Ask a second question, and it answers, remembering the context of the first. These tools are incredibly powerful, and can cut content development [More]

  • Six Tough AI Questions

    Six Tough AI Questions

    Unfortunately, jumping on the AI bandwagon without asking some important questions — and exploring the important answers - can expose your business to unexpected risk. Here are six AI reality check questions: Where do you focus your AI experimentation to get the fastest ROI? Are you using a centralized approach, [More]

  • AI Risks and Lost Opportunities (Part One)

    AI Risks and Lost Opportunities (Part One)

    There are two reasons why a risk assessment for new technologies (like ChatGPT and other AI tools) does not happen: most leaders are not aware of the risks (and lost opportunities), and individuals can use both their work computers and personal devices to access the tool, in the same way [More]

  • ChatGPT – Is it Stealing Your Content?

    ChatGPT – Is it Stealing Your Content?

    ChatGPT is a “large language model”: the system ingests copious amounts of training data, draws connections within it, does its abracadabra analysis, and then strings together responses based on the algorithm that it self-develops. So the question isn’t really how does an AI system become so smart, but rather where [More]

  • The Five Ages of Disruption

    The Five Ages of Disruption

    Iron Age: While historians will point out that there were in fact "many" ages (Stone age, Bronze age, Iron age) before, but broadly, this is when society learned to craft (and to use) tools and objects made from Stone, Bronze, and Iron. It changed how people lived their lives in [More]

  • Agile Methodology

    Agile Methodology

    In the olden days - and sadly, "today" for many organizations - the most common project management approach is the so-called waterfall approach: Market research Analysis of requirements Technical specification Development Testing Bug-fixes Final testing Launch This approach allowed for clear approvals at each stage, and cleverly separated the "client" of [More]

  • Trust, Website Security, and SEO

    Trust, Website Security, and SEO

    Contrast this, with this next screen shot, where the URL bar explicitly says Not Secure: The key difference between these two sites is that the first site (mine) is encrypted (look at the URL that starts with "https"), while the second example (Apache) is not encrypted at all.  Yikes! While there [More]


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