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  • ChatGPT – Is it Stealing Your Content?

    ChatGPT – Is it Stealing Your Content?

    ChatGPT is a “large language model”: the system ingests copious amounts of training data, draws connections within it, does its abracadabra analysis, and then strings together responses based on the algorithm that it self-develops. So the question isn’t really how does an AI system become so smart, but rather where [More]

  • The Five Ages of Disruption

    The Five Ages of Disruption

    Iron Age: While historians will point out that there were in fact "many" ages (Stone age, Bronze age, Iron age) before, but broadly, this is when society learned to craft (and to use) tools and objects made from Stone, Bronze, and Iron. It changed how people lived their lives in [More]

  • Agile Methodology

    Agile Methodology

    In the olden days - and sadly, "today" for many organizations - the most common project management approach is the so-called waterfall approach: Market research Analysis of requirements Technical specification Development Testing Bug-fixes Final testing Launch This approach allowed for clear approvals at each stage, and cleverly separated the "client" of [More]

  • Trust, Website Security, and SEO

    Trust, Website Security, and SEO

    Contrast this, with this next screen shot, where the URL bar explicitly says Not Secure: The key difference between these two sites is that the first site (mine) is encrypted (look at the URL that starts with "https"), while the second example (Apache) is not encrypted at all.  Yikes! While there [More]

  • Insight: Software Costs in the Age of the Cloud

    Insight: Software Costs in the Age of the Cloud

    Software has a cost, but it may not be as clear as you may think.  Yes, desktop software may be relatively straightforward, but what about CRM, Marketing Automation, a new financial system, or any other core database that requires collaboration across the organization? In the olden days, it was relatively simple: [More]

  • Building Front-line Buy-in

    Building Front-line Buy-in

    If there has been one significant change in the area of marketing and engagement, it is the almost complete ubiquity of "programs".  Some of them have names like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.  Others have names like Salesforce, Marketo, Dynamics, and Infusionsoft.  Yet despite the great fanfare, why does the system's promise rarely [More]

  • Avoiding tech project failures

    Avoiding tech project failures

    Has your organization invested in a “game-changing” software project, only to discover that the promised benefits never really materialize?  Or that the implementation was so flawed that the system is regarded as a financial and operating disaster? Sadly, this happens far more than it should… but must this always be [More]

  • Avoiding a disastrous CRM implementation

    Avoiding a disastrous CRM implementation

    CRM (Client Relationship Management) systems are known for two things: the promise of driving sales, and the almost inevitable disastrous implementation.  And the same is often true of other big tech projects.  But does this really have to be the case? Here are 12 key items that can make a difference between a [More]

  • Branding and Web Security

    Branding and Web Security

    What determines the confidence in your brand?  Yes, the visual identity and what people see.  And yes, the experience and interaction people have, both online and in the real world.  And yes, the social media (and traditional media) buzz - both positive and negative.  But there is another factor, hidden [More]

  • Viewpoint: Software as a Service (SAAS) – An Unwelcome Future?

    Viewpoint: Software as a Service (SAAS) – An Unwelcome Future?

    There is no doubt that software as a service (SAAS) has revolutionized almost every aspect of the IT world: from how software is developed, deployed, marketed, and supported. But are there downsides?  Have we been so taken by the benefits, that we sometimes ignore the downsides? If you are one [More]


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