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  • How to do Issues and Trends Analysis

    How to do Issues and Trends Analysis

    This question is too often buried under vendors' promises of nirvana if only a new piece of software was installed. Or buried under consultants' promises of better efficiency or higher ROI. Instead, before the actual transformation exercise is even defined, this fundamental question must be answered: Where is the opportunity? [More]

  • The Five Ages of Disruption

    The Five Ages of Disruption

    Iron Age: While historians will point out that there were in fact "many" ages (Stone age, Bronze age, Iron age) before, but broadly, this is when society learned to craft (and to use) tools and objects made from Stone, Bronze, and Iron. It changed how people lived their lives in [More]

  • Six Tests for Testing Trends

    Six Tests for Testing Trends

    How often have you read a prediction, statement, or about a trend, and began to wonder if it were true?  Sadly, with so many instant experts, pundits, and self-serving gurus, it is sometimes difficult to tell fact from fake news. Here are six tests that can help you improve your signal-to-noise ratio: A trend is defined to be a [More]

  • Eight Disruptive Business Models

    Eight Disruptive Business Models

    Do you see your website, CRM, social media, and other digital initiatives as a way to improve service levels, market your organization, or be a central part of your thought leadership strategy?  While important, at best these are merely tactics:  too often the bigger opportunity of digital transformation is ignored.  This isn't surprising, as digital [More]

  • Transformational Thinking

    Transformational Thinking

    Remember what it felt like going back to school in September? You're completely energized, looking forward to a year when you do things, well, just that much better. If you are a  leader, you may often think of September - or your fiscal year - or the calendar year - [More]

  • 14 key digital planning reads

    14 key digital planning reads

    Do you have a pile of reading, perhaps sitting at the corner of your desk?  Clippings that seem particularly important that you would get to "at some point"?  Or perhaps, a digital version kept safely in an obscure folder, just waiting for you to find the time to read? These clippings are [More]

  • The Power of Diversity

    The Power of Diversity

    The term diversity has become associated with the human rights movement, and lives in the same space with terms such as enforcement, quotas, and affirmative action.  Despite these seemingly negative terms, there is a powerful case for organizations to adopt a positive and proactive approach to diversity. The usual argument [More]

  • Insight: Building High Performance Boards

    Insight: Building High Performance Boards

    Have you ever considered why some boards (or senior management teams) are more effective than others? While the usual reasons may include individual skills and knowledge, attitude, strong staff support, and infrastructure, one of the most powerful drivers of board performance - and also one of the most overlooked - [More]

  • Viewpoint: Virtual and augmented reality

    Viewpoint: Virtual and augmented reality

    Imagine yourself to be Henry Ford, watching the first batch of Model T cars leaving the assembly line.  He might have been able to envision the impact of assembly lines on the economy, but not likely the societal impact of the interstate highway system, the international geopolitics of the oil and gas [More]

  • Viewpoint:  Microsoft LinkedIn

    Viewpoint: Microsoft LinkedIn

    What do you do if you have a spare $26 billion hanging around? If you are Microsoft, you buy professional social networking site  What do you do if you are an avid LinkedIn user, or if LinkedIn is central to your organization's engagement and marketing plans?   Be happy, but [More]


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