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  • Webinar Marketing Blueprint

    Webinar Marketing Blueprint

    While you may be doing many of these ideas already, it always makes sense to look at this question anew. Each of them probably deserves its own tipsheet, but for now, consider this one a checklist. Marketing (Bums in seats) Partners (put together a partner kit): Either share downstream revenue [More]

  • 17 Ways to Great Social Engagement

    17 Ways to Great Social Engagement

    Have you ever been disappointed with the engagement level of your blog?  Have you decided that this year something "better happen", to make it all worthwhile?  If so, you're not alone.  Here are 17 ways drive more users to your blog, and increase their engagement with it: Write great content.  [More]

  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    If you are an American, you know precisely all about Black Friday: it is when herds of people get up early, head to the stores (usually online these days).  It occurs the shopping day on the Friday following Thanksgiving.  If you live outside of the United States, you probably have [More]

  • Social Media Measurement (Part Two)

    Social Media Measurement (Part Two)

    Over the last year (or three), how much time have you spent Linking In, Tweeting, Facebooking, Blogging, and using other social tools?  If you are like most, getting a return on your time investment probably has crossed your mind:  Is all this time actually paying off?  Is it worth the [More]

  • Buzz the Buzz

    Buzz the Buzz

    Have you ever been in a situation where everyone is "talking" about a particular movie, restaurant, or gadget?  While the subject of the buzz was probably quite noteworthy, what isn't known is how much professional marketing help it got along the way. If you are looking to develop buzz for [More]

  • Not Yet

    Not Yet

    Have you ever been asked whether you had a particular skill, and struggled to answer when the answer is clearly in the negative? While no one appreciates spin, there are a number of ways to answer, each with a unique nuance: Answer: Yes: If you are part of the Fake [More]

  • Unqualified!


    Nobody likes the odds in a lottery, but when you apply for a new role or pitch a new opportunity, sometimes it feels like you're buying a ticket for one. When you put your name in the hat, you do so with 1000 others. Get through the screener and your [More]

  • Quantify your Impact

    Quantify your Impact

    For the best investors, each potential investment requires a prospectus or annual report. For the best business managers, each new initiative requires a business case. For the best project managers, each project requires a project charter. The purpose of these documents is to list the benefits, identify the costs, define [More]

  • Your Boss Doesn’t Care About You

    Your Boss Doesn’t Care About You

    While some might disagree, the truth is - especially when you are pitching for a role - that your boss (or the prospective client) doesn't care about you. They only care about how you can solve their problems.  In fact, the only way that you will get chosen for the [More]

  • Career Spin Doctor

    Career Spin Doctor

    Is the glass half-empty, or half-full? How you answer will usually brand you as an optimist or pessimist. But is one answer better than the other? Optimists usually are great at envisioning the possibilities, while pessimists can often spot risks well before they occur. Both personality types are critical to [More]


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