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Make It Happen Tipsheet

  • Personal Branding – It’s the Real Thing

    Personal Branding – It’s the Real Thing

    What comes to mind when you think of Coca Cola? Likely, it has less to do with sugar, caffeine and cost, and more to do with friends, refreshment and satisfaction. Savvy marketers know that if they "connect" their brands emotionally with their consumers, then they'll get the sale. This same [More]

  • Professional Intensity

    Professional Intensity

    An athlete's training schedule holds an important lesson for those looking to develop a successful career. At the beginning, an athlete may run 5 miles in one hour. As they get better, they move their time down to 55 minutes, then 50 minutes. At this point, they decide to add [More]

  • Timeshifting


    Recent statistics indicate that the average North American adult watches between 4 hours (Nielsen 2020), to 8 hours of content each day (OnePoll, 2020).  This equates to between 28 and 56 hours each week, an astonishingly high number when compared to the average working week of about 40 hours. Even [More]

  • Celebrate Your Staff

    Celebrate Your Staff

    Most leaders recognize that their staff and colleagues are the ones that are directly responsible for their success. But how often do we recognize them for it? No one likes to be thought of as a "work unit": we are all individuals doing (hopefully) important things. Recognizing, and celebrating your [More]

  • The good old days…

    The good old days…

    Have you ever spent time with some colleagues talking about the good old days? Perhaps wishing that someone you worked with was still part of the team? Or maybe wishing that the old bonus plan was still in place? Many people do this from time to time, but it is [More]

  • Viral Career Marketing

    Viral Career Marketing

    Viral marketing remains a hot concept today, even though it has been around for quite some time. Traditional marketers focus on defining People, Place, Price, and Product, and then executing their plan. Viral marketers try to empower those already using the product or service to tell their friends about it [More]

  • Back to School

    Back to School

    Remember a thousand years ago when the summer was coming to an end, and you were preparing to go back to school? Or maybe you have kids or teens who are dreading the first day back? For most of us, September does usually mean a more disciplined schedule. We transition [More]

  • Coaching 1-2-3

    Coaching 1-2-3

    One of the biggest buzzwords in business now is "coaching" - but what does it really mean?. What might spring to mind is the athletic coach, who provides the technical skills and motivation to help the athlete reach their potential. On the other hand, we may think of the mentor, [More]

  • People don’t fail, they give up

    People don’t fail, they give up

    Look around, and you see others enjoying great vacations, fancy cars, and the fruits of their professional success. Especially when you don't have these things, it is easy to lose your confidence, which makes these (and other goals) even less attainable. While some people are successful because they are lucky, most [More]

  • Business Travel Balancing Act

    Business Travel Balancing Act

    When you are interviewing for that new position, and are asked about how you feel about business travel, most people will say that it isn't a problem. In fact, some may see the prospect of travelling to exciting new places as a key benefit of taking the job in the [More]


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