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  • The Five Ages of Disruption

    The Five Ages of Disruption

    Iron Age: While historians will point out that there were in fact "many" ages (Stone age, Bronze age, Iron age) before, but broadly, this is when society learned to craft (and to use) tools and objects made from Stone, Bronze, and Iron. It changed how people lived their lives in [More]

  • Using Personas to Understand Trust

    Using Personas to Understand Trust

    Personas are usually built to understand the details (and motivations) of a particular segment. Experienced marketers know the typical persona questions: Who are they -- demographically and psychographically? What service or product features are important to them? What challenges do they have? Where are they located? How do we reach [More]

  • Big data, analytics, and competitive advantage

    Big data, analytics, and competitive advantage

    The profusion of systems has led to a bumper crop of data. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and all of the other social media sites track the beginning of the journey, while marketing automation tracks the latter part of it. CRM systems track prospect and client activity, while ERP systems track [More]

  • Re-looking at the rush to digital

    Re-looking at the rush to digital

    One only needs to look at the sorry plight of the newspaper business to see that the future doesn't look rosy. The world has changed. Or have we so bought into the inevitability of technology that it has blinded us to what we are giving up?  And have we left many [More]

  • Checklist: 20 Top News Sharing Ideas

    Checklist: 20 Top News Sharing Ideas

    Here are 20 ways... Social Media Write a blog post about it, but tie the news to the reader: answer the question "so what"? Create a mini-video (60-90 seconds), possibly including it within the blog, but also post it on YouTube. Update your LinkedIn Company page. Update your LinkedIn Status. Publish a [More]

  • Leaving a Market Behind?

    Leaving a Market Behind?

    Recently I had a stark reminder, in the most unlikely of places, that this is absolutely not the case.  For several hours, I spent sorting food at the local food bank. Instead of going through the front, where patrons were able to pick up their food, I went through the back, [More]

  • Activating your learning investment

    Activating your learning investment

    Instead, after you read, what can you do? Here are eight specific ideas… Summarize for colleagues Make reference notes Create an action plan – do something Blog about it Forward the book to a friend or colleague Reach out to the author on their site Join a discussion group on [More]

  • Insight: Improving Creative Potential

    Insight: Improving Creative Potential

    In the interest of providing practical ideas to improve creative performance, here are five "creative" insights that can help: 1) Your Environment: Where do you actually do your work?  Your surroundings have both a direct and indirect impact on how your mind works.  Recently I saw the home office of [More]

  • Digital Addiction

    Digital Addiction

    One of the major downsides of technology is the addictive nature of it: even when we are on vacation, we feel the need to post photos, check others' Facebook walls, watch TikTok videos, see who has viewed our LinkedIn profiles, and Tweet about what is important to us.  (We train [More]

  • Blog and Social Media Errors [updated]

    Blog and Social Media Errors [updated]

    It could be a simple typographical or grammatical error, a case of misattribution, or a more serious case of factual error. Unfortunately, blog and social media errors happens far too often, for some very obvious reasons: Some content is dictated and the speech-t0-text software sometimes gets it wrong. Editing is [More]


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