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  • Brand Balance: Personal vs Organizational Brands

    Brand Balance: Personal vs Organizational Brands

    Smart leaders (and boards) recognize that brand balance choices are as strategic a decision as any other marketing one. Here are the five levels of brand balance, and why each may have a role. Level Zero, Irrelevance: At this level, a leader's brand makes no difference, internally or externally. While [More]

  • AI labels: Building Trust by Identifying AI Generated Content

    AI labels: Building Trust by Identifying AI Generated Content

    The answers to these two questions have one thing in common: they can be used to build trust. Or, in the absence of the answers, diminish it. So in the age of ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI systems, how can we build trust in the content we produce? Thankfully, at [More]

  • AI Branding – Junkification?

    AI Branding – Junkification?

    What has happened is that marketers have realized that simply by using ChatGPT and its ilk, they can churn out dozens — or hundreds — of vanilla articles, all at exceptionally low cost. And then flood the web. Welcome to the future of the internet: junkification. Picture Google searches junkified [More]

  • Post-sale: The Most Overlooked Part of the Client Journey

    Post-sale: The Most Overlooked Part of the Client Journey

    Traditionally, journey mapping and touchpoint analysis starts at the very first "touch", and continues through to commitment: the contract signature. But what about the touchpoints after the ink is dry? There are several categories of touchpoints that are traditionally ignored, but can make a significant difference to the client experience. [More]

  • Journey mapping: Touchpoint Questions

    Journey mapping: Touchpoint Questions

    Completed Journey Maps really are just the start to a robust marketing and business development process. Each journey map needs to be fleshed out to better understand the prospect's/client's/member's perspective and mindset. Consider the following questions for each touchpoint: What is the emotional state of the member at that particular [More]

  • 11 Digital Transformation Journey Mapping Questions

    11 Digital Transformation Journey Mapping Questions

    Just perhaps, the driver should be the client. Or at least, the client should not be ignored, which is where journey mapping comes in. To get started, here are eleven journey mapping questions that play directly into a digital transformation initiative. (They are also great questions if your organization is [More]

  • ChatGPT Prompt Strategy

    ChatGPT Prompt Strategy

    One of the most profound changes in the area of content creation is Generative AI (eg. ChatGPT, Bard, Copilot, etc.). Ask a question, and it will answer. Ask a second question, and it answers, remembering the context of the first. These tools are incredibly powerful, and can cut content development [More]

  • Six Tough AI Questions

    Six Tough AI Questions

    Unfortunately, jumping on the AI bandwagon without asking some important questions — and exploring the important answers - can expose your business to unexpected risk. Here are six AI reality check questions: Where do you focus your AI experimentation to get the fastest ROI? Are you using a centralized approach, [More]

  • When You Lose: Ask and Offer

    When You Lose: Ask and Offer

    It's terribly disappointing, especially since the cost of putting together the proposal, prepping the pitch—let alone the cost of prospecting and pre-sales activities—is huge. So what to do? One alternative is to pretend that the entire episode didn't happen, and focus on the next opportunity. For some people, it also [More]

  • Nine Privacy Action Points

    Nine Privacy Action Points

    Many organizations have taken initial steps on this path, but most have taken a "risk minimization" approach, rather than seeing the effort being one of investment into their brand. Here are nine different ways that you can improve privacy within your organization — and build a higher level of trust [More]


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