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Time management

  • What Should We Stop Doing?

    What Should We Stop Doing?

    While the answer to these questions can be argued successfully either way, too often we see "more" as always the better answer. After all, who doesn't want more sales, more margin, and more profit? Unfortunately, the challenge of "more" is that it adds... more. More complex recruiting, more training, more [More]

  • “Done is Better than Perfect”

    “Done is Better than Perfect”

    Or maybe you work with one, and they are constantly making so-called improvements in your work. Why do they do this? They feel that their unique experience will improve the initiative's chance of success. That their input will reduce risk. They don't exactly trust that you can get it over [More]

  • Digital Addiction

    Digital Addiction

    One of the major downsides of technology is the addictive nature of it: even when we are on vacation, we feel the need to post photos, check others' Facebook walls, watch TikTok videos, see who has viewed our LinkedIn profiles, and Tweet about what is important to us.  (We train [More]

  • Creative Time and Place

    Creative Time and Place

    How can you be your most creative? Google the topic and you will find millions of pages with an answer. Some will say you are "born" with it. Others will say it is a matter of following a process.  And others will claim it is a matter of using a [More]

  • Four Steps from Social Strategy to Successful Sales

    Four Steps from Social Strategy to Successful Sales

    With all of the wheel-spinning and effort spent on social media, wouldn't it be nice to actually use it to grow sales? Not improve awareness, develop the brand, help with marketing, or "continue the conversation". But actually sell. Here are four ways that social media can be use to sell [More]

  • Social Media Planning Calendar

    Social Media Planning Calendar

    How do you organize your Content Marketing and Social Media activities?  Most people have a system - whiteboards, excel documents, Google Calendar, or often, scraps of paper.  Unfortunately, none of these are as effective, or efficient, as they might be.  And they certainly don't help you share your activities with [More]

  • Content Marketing and Thought Leadership

    Content Marketing and Thought Leadership

    One of the most important elements of a modern marketing strategy is Content Marketing.  The idea is that if your "content" is everywhere, then would-be clients would be easily attracted to you as they begin looking for solutions to their problems. Unfortunately, many marketers miss a crucial aspect of this: [More]

  • Social Media Dieting

    Social Media Dieting

    Do you have a well-defined morning routine, that includes Social Media?  Tweet, Post, Check Status, Share, and Comment.  Then see who has looked at your LinkedIn profile.  Later, repeat - sometimes several times. There is nothing wrong with connection.  In fact, Social Media is built precisely on this foundation. Unfortunately, [More]

  • Choosing your focus

    Choosing your focus

    Do you attribute your success to your focus?  Many people do - and in the spirit of "small focus - small success / strong focus - great success" many people are focused on... greater focus.  But is there a downside? Consider the following: Ignoring everything except the goal means that [More]

  • Your Daily Social Media Routine

    Your Daily Social Media Routine

    How do you spend the first 20 minutes at the office each day? If you were in the 1970's, you would spend the time reading the newspaper, then organizing your inbox (the box on your desk), and finally looking at your calendar before "starting" your day. In the 1980's, you [More]


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