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  • Inauguration


    What can we do, prior to starting something new, that will increase our chances of success? Back in 2009, when Barack Obama was "inaugurated" as President of the USA, he taught us many great lessons... even if we don't have a budget of $150 million-plus for the effort. We can [More]

  • Impactful Presentations

    Impactful Presentations

    Even though you may be on stage when you are making a presentation, it is your audience that deserves the focus. They don't care about you - at best they only care about how you can "solve their problem". And at worst, they want to be entertained. Changing focus to [More]

  • Becoming Sherlock Holmes: Interview Research

    Becoming Sherlock Holmes: Interview Research

    You're about to meet a new sales prospect, or interview a new supplier. Or, you're about to meet a new company, and you know very little beyond their name and industry. How can you find out more before you find yourself in front of them? There are four basic techniques [More]


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