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  • Social Customer Service Strategy

    Social Customer Service Strategy

    Ever feel slighted, ignored, disenfranchised, "sold to", taken for granted, or just plain commoditized? For many prospects, these feelings are what prevent a sale from taking place. They prevent repeat sales, prevent referrals, and encourage negative word-of-mouth. Clearly, great customer service - supported by great training and great management - [More]

  • Mind the (Service) Gap

    Mind the (Service) Gap

    How often have you been disappointed by an experience with a supplier? When it happens, it is usually because of a very basic problem: a gap between your expectations of service (or quality), and their expectations when delivering the service. Reducing frustration and disappointment is easy... if only you could [More]

  • Inauguration


    What can we do, prior to starting something new, that will increase our chances of success? Back in 2009, when Barack Obama was "inaugurated" as President of the USA, he taught us many great lessons... even if we don't have a budget of $150 million-plus for the effort. We can [More]

  • Just Ask

    Just Ask

    We ask others for things all of the time: on the job, with our families, and in the community. Yet, we aren't always met with the response we want. How can we improve our odds?  Here are four suggestions: 1) Ask for something specific. If people don't know exactly what [More]

  • Built for it

    Built for it

    Recently I was watching a roofer hauling heavy materials up and down a ladder. A neighbor, also watching, commented that the roofer was built for his job - he was built for it. What is "it", and how do you build yourself for it? Stripped to the essence, these are [More]

  • Promise Keepers

    Promise Keepers

    You probably thought a cover letter showcased your fit for a job. You're right - it does this. You probably thought your resume was something that would qualify you (or not) for an interview. You're right - it does this. And you probably thought an interview was something that you [More]

  • The Enemy of Great is Good

    The Enemy of Great is Good

    Recently, a client sent me an email with the title of this blog posting in it. He was decrying the problem of another vendor who was not responsive, and who was only giving "good" service. I've certainly read that other great book, Jim Collins' Good to Great, which speaks to [More]

  • People don’t fail, they give up

    People don’t fail, they give up

    Look around, and you see others enjoying great vacations, fancy cars, and the fruits of their professional success. Especially when you don't have these things, it is easy to lose your confidence, which makes these (and other goals) even less attainable. While some people are successful because they are lucky, most [More]


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