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  • Viewpoint: The End of Twitter?

    Viewpoint: The End of Twitter?

    Putting aside the use of Twitter by certain politicians, media, and perhaps so-called influencers, is Twitter in its death throes? It certainly wouldn't be the first Social Media death. Consider those who have come (and gone) before: hellotxt, retaggr, timely, booktour, Google wave/reader/orkut/iGoogle, LinkedIn Polls/Answers, and many, many more. Here's [More]

  • An Optimal Twitter Schedule

    An Optimal Twitter Schedule

    After participating in a recent panel discussion, I was approached by David Shlagbaum, a senior partner in a downtown law firm.  He reminded me of a lunch we shared, where he had asked me how often he should tweet.  I responded "David, do you see that bus outside?"  He did.  [More]

  • Twitter Strategy, Take Three

    Twitter Strategy, Take Three

    "Blogs are like articles that people can comment on.  YouTube is like TV, but with voting."  But what about Twitter? Many are not yet convinced that Twitter makes sense to them. (Or that Twitter makes sense at all.) What are the arguments for adopting Twitter - at least at some [More]

  • Time for a Twitter Wall? (Part Two)

    Time for a Twitter Wall? (Part Two)

    Looking for the fine print on successfully using Twitter/Chat at your event?  Here is Part two:  [Read part one] 1) Choose a hashtag:  Choosing a unique hashtag is critical; if you choose one that another organization is using, then their comments will be mixed in with yours.  CAFE, for example, [More]

  • Time for a Twitter Wall? Or Chat?

    Time for a Twitter Wall? Or Chat?

    You've decided - or you've been told - that it is time that your meeting incorporates Twitter.  In fact, the young keener in your office has assured you that doing so is actually quite easy - just set up a Twitter wall.  Unfortunately, you know that whenever anyone says this, [More]

  • Twitter Strategy, Take Two

    Twitter Strategy, Take Two

    Are you one of the millions who remain uncertain about using Twitter? While I've written about this before (Twitter Strategies), I thought it might be worthwhile to boil it down again, but from a different perspective. Here are five key Twitter activities that might expose a previously hidden opportunity: Monitor: Professional [More]

  • Being Real

    Being Real

    What's your reaction when you read a company newsletter, instruction manual, or other corporate communication?  Do you think it is plastic, anti-septic, and homogenized?  If so, you're like most people - they see corporate-speak as fake, and they can sniff it a mile away. The best communicators have always known [More]

  • Crowdsourcing


    How often have you run into a creative roadblock? Or you were stumped with a problem that you couldn't figure out? When this happens, we are usually operating under a conventional wisdom that artificially closes the door to possibility. To break the block, one need only ask for help from [More]

  • Seven Social Media Job Search Steps

    Seven Social Media Job Search Steps

    Even from the most committed employees, one question comes up over and over again: where does Social Media fit into my next job search.  It might be couched in different language (How do I develop professional profile/How do I take advantage of Social tools for support, etc), but the question [More]

  • Consistency builds trust

    Consistency builds trust

    How often have you struggled to show up on time for a meeting, only to be kept waiting as others stumbled in 5-10-15 minutes later? Or have you ever tuned in to your favorite TV show, only to find that it was "rescheduled" for some other time? Or travelled to [More]


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