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Checklist: 20 Top News Sharing Ideas

by Randall Craig on April 28, 2017

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When there is important news, how do you share it?  At the 30,000 foot level, the answer is simple: send an email and put it on Social Media.  When it comes to execution, however, many organizations miss great opportunities to get the word out.

Here are 20 ways…

Social Media

  • Write a blog post about it, but tie the news to the reader: answer the question “so what”?
  • Create a mini-video (60-90 seconds), possibly including it within the blog, but also post it on YouTube.
  • Update your LinkedIn Company page.
  • Update your LinkedIn Status.
  • Publish a LinkedIn article: similar to your blog post, but edited to be relevant for your Linked audience.
  • Write a Facebook post pointing to your blog.  And upload the mini-video.
  • “Boost” the Facebook post so that people will actually see it.
  • Tweet about the news, pointing to your blog, YouTube, or if possible, to a 3rd party source.  Add relevant hashtags.
  • Send semi-customized notes to your connections in LinkedIn: this can be done in batches of 50.


  • Send a semi-customized email “blast” to specific segments of your list about the news.
  • Include it as an item in your monthly newsletter.
  • Change the standard corporate email signature to include a one-line link to the news.

General marketing and communications

  • Add it to relevant PowerPoint presentations.
  • Create a case study.
  • Use media relations to generate secondary publicity.
  • Use traditional or online pay-per-click advertising.

Probably the most effective way to get the news out is to take advantage of those closest to you.  They will know how and when to share the news in ways you couldn’t imagine.  And of course, there are more of “them” than you…

  • Let your internal team know, via email, intranet, townhall meetings, and internal social media.  (And for the most important news, you can also ask them to share with their networks on social media.)
  • Let key partners know, either by personalized email or a personal telephone call.
  • Ask key partners to participate in a YouTube interview, discussing the impact of the news on the industry.

This week’s action plan:  “News” doesn’t need to be news about your organization – it can be news that is relevant to your clients, prospects, members, suppliers, or staff.  In fact, no one really likes spending time with people who only talk about themselves.  This week, be a reporter: use this list to share relevant third party news with others.

Share with your peers:  What would you add to this list?

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Randall Craig

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Website launch checklist

by Randall Craig on December 11, 2015

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While websites aren’t new, most organizations only redesign their website every 3-4 years – which is just enough time for everyone to forget what needs to be done to properly launch it. While every website (and organization) is unique, here is a partial list of activities that can help:

Three months prior to launch:

  • Confirm metrics to evaluate the success of the new site.
  • Integration points with existing systems defined.
  • Revise existing traditional marketing collateral.
  • Amend social media editorial calendar to take into account the new site launch.
  • Identify campaigns, advertising (and any communications) that promotes the website, or a landing page URL.
  • Review website legal terms and conditions for potential update.

One month prior to launch:

  • Demonstrate website (design and functionality) with a wider internal audience.
  • Update graphics within marketing collateral that reference the website.
  • Prepare internal communications plan.
  • Prepare external communications plan (including prospects/members/clients/regulators/customers.)
    • Design launch collateral (postcards, direct mail, posters, etc.)
  • Schedule appropriate Social Media posts to support launch.
  • Train front line staff on answering queries about the new website.
  • Site security regime in place and tested (certificates, firewall code, intrusion detection, reporting, recovery, etc.)
  • Final usability testing.
  • CSS/HTML code is validated and compliant with standards.
  • Legal compliance testing (Accessibility/WCAG standards, Privacy, and CASL/CAN-SPAM.)
  • Collect screen shots of all [existing site] lead generation forms for proof of CASL compliance.
  • Review all content (images, videos, text, etc) to ensure all is appropriately licensed and documented.

One week prior to launch:

  • Final content updates.
  • Robots.txt and (dynamic) sitemap.xml files created.
  • Site speed optimized.
    • Code “minified”, graphics optimized, site cached, content distribution networks enabled, etc.
  • Finalize reporting dashboard(s).
  • Even more testing:
    • All forms work correctly, including user feedback when incorrectly filled out.
    • All ecommerce transactions work correctly.
    • All password-protected areas of the site work correctly (and are secure.)
    • All placeholder content (eg “lorem ipsum”, “Hello World”, etc.) removed from site.
    • Error pages work as expected.
    • Final review for bad links.
  • User content update training is completed.
  • Website training for call center/receptionist/front-line staff.
  • Website preview for selected audiences (internal and external, including media.)
  • Back-up and restore systems tested.


  • Update “redirects” so that old URLs are redirected to new URLs.
  • Final test for bad links and errors.
  • Cut-over tracking tools (Google webmaster, Google analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, etc.)
  • Change links in internal systems.
  • Cut over changes in CRM and Marketing Automation systems.
  • Cut over uptime monitoring and back-up systems.
  • Update Social Media.
  • Internal and external communications.
  • Kick off traffic generation plan (Pay-per-click advertising, SEO, etc.)
  • Update corporate signature on outgoing emails.
  • Copy of “Final” version of the site is made.
  • Hand over from the web development team to the support team.

Post launch

  • Post mortem review meeting: what went right or wrong.
  • Daily/weekly/monthly monitoring (Social Media, Web analytics) for issues.
  • Double check Google to ensure the site is fully indexed (and tweak robots.txt and sitemap.xml).
  • Development and Feature roadmap planning session.

This week’s action plan:  Print this Tipsheet, and file it in your web folder – then forward it to others on your web team.  And if you’re feeling helpful: what else would you add to this list?

Marketing Insight:  Almost every marketing and communication activity involves some connection to the web, which means that this list can be easily adapted for…

  • a new microsite,
  • specific landing pages,
  • new service or product pages,
  • a change in information architecture,
  • a design or interface change,
  • new functionality.

The list can also be adapted for the launch of an intranet or extranet.

Note: The Make It Happen Tipsheet is also available by email. Go to to register.

Randall Craig

@RandallCraig (follow me)




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