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  • Social Media Sinkholes

    Social Media Sinkholes

    There are over 500 web sites that have a Social Media angle to them. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok might be the most familiar, but you may also spend time on eBay, Amazon, Kijiji, and others. In fact, you may be spending so much time on these platforms, that you [More]

  • Urgent vs. Important

    Urgent vs. Important

    When a customer calls, do you rush to meet their needs? When you check into a hotel, do you expect prompt, courteous service? When you drive your car, do you always take the shortest routes - at the fastest speeds? And when you do a great job, do you want [More]

  • The First Day of School

    The First Day of School

    Remember your first day at school, after a long summer holiday? You looked forward to seeing friends again, while at the same time felt sad about leaving the summer behind. However you felt back then, today many people use the summer more actively, and also to explore professional and personal [More]

  • White Space

    White Space

    Graphic designers know that if you have one element on the page, and lots of white space around it, the eye is drawn to that one element. Professional speakers know how to use a pause - silence - to emphasize a point. And musicians know that a break in the [More]

  • Holiday Nocations

    Holiday Nocations

    When you go away on your vacation, are you really taking the time to recharge? Are you spending that promised time with your loved ones, creating those memories that you will cherish for years to come? Or are you spending your time checking emails, taking calls from the office, and [More]

  • September Makes You Stronger

    September Makes You Stronger

    After a summer of vacation or an extended vacation, a relaxed pace, and perhaps a bit too much socializing, you're back at your desk, thinking about how to kick-start your career - or at least keep a semblance of work-life balance. After all, you've just come back from a great [More]

  • Business Travel Balancing Act

    Business Travel Balancing Act

    When you are interviewing for that new position, and are asked about how you feel about business travel, most people will say that it isn't a problem. In fact, some may see the prospect of travelling to exciting new places as a key benefit of taking the job in the [More]

  • Balancing Act – Chapter One

    Balancing Act – Chapter One

    How do you find Balance, when you are in the middle of the biggest project of your career? Often the answer is that you cannot - and sometimes the answer is that you should not. The reason why can be found in any good mystery book. During the first chapter [More]

  • Community Involvement – Personal Benefit

    Community Involvement – Personal Benefit

    Who are those individuals who organize charitable events, act as fundraisers, and sit on not-for-profit boards? How do they find the time, when the challenge of maintaining life balance means that time is at an all-time premium? In addition to the "feel-good" that comes from helping others, there are some [More]

  • When you want something done, give it to a busy person…

    When you want something done, give it to a busy person…

    A recently promoted executive confided in me that the pressure of time was increasingly difficult to manage: especially the conflicts between work and home responsibilities. This is a very common issue - not just to the recently promoted, but to most people who are serious about their professional success - [More]


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