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Personal Development

  • The Community Involvement Thought Leadership Test

    The Community Involvement Thought Leadership Test

    Benefits of community leadership include: It implies a third-party endorsement — after all, someone must have vetted you for the role. Others can observe you as someone in a position of authority and respect. Your involvement will widen your network with completely different people. It is incredibly powerful when people see you [More]

  • Activating your learning investment

    Activating your learning investment

    Instead, after you read, what can you do? Here are eight specific ideas… Summarize for colleagues Make reference notes Create an action plan – do something Blog about it Forward the book to a friend or colleague Reach out to the author on their site Join a discussion group on [More]

  • Insight: Building a Thinking Organization

    Insight: Building a Thinking Organization

    In just about every organization, the focus is on action.  The connotations of words such as goals, objectives, action plans, and status updates are all positive, and are viewed as necessary for organizational, professional, and personal success.   (Even these Tipsheets, over 600 of them, each end with This Week's [More]

  • Alternative options

    Alternative options

    At any point in your life, have you ever found yourself backed into a corner, uncertain how you were going to proceed? It may have been a tough client, a project gone awry, a personal relationship gone sour, or maybe a financial crisis. When this happens, there are a number [More]

  • Indie Book Award Winner

    Indie Book Award Winner

    Some great news: The Indie Book Awards has named Personal Balance Sheet by Randall Craig a Gold Medal Winner in the Career category. It was also named one of the top Business books of the year. The Next Generation Indie Book Awards is one of the most prestigious American book [More]

  • Secret Sauce

    Secret Sauce

    There is no shortage of books, experts, websites, and computer programs that purport to tell you how to achieve professional (and also personal) success. They exist because of the market's insatiable appetite for self-improvement. When you examine them closely, the vast majority have two things in common: Success will be [More]

  • Knowledge to Action

    Knowledge to Action

    When was the last time you read a good book? Or rather, when was the last time you read a good book that was good for you? No, not a trash novel, or even one that is mildly entertaining. What is a good book? It is one that moves you [More]

  • Career Paradise

    Career Paradise

    Thinking about the joys of winter? Who enjoys the extreme cold, the slush, the transit delays, and the extra bother of winter clothing? On the other hand, the summer has its problems too: broken air conditioners (if you have one, that is), sunburn, mosquitoes, lawn maintenance, and fitting into that [More]

  • Work yourself out of a job

    Work yourself out of a job

    What would happen if you planned for your own obsolescence? What if you changed your job so that you were no longer required in that role? As an optimist, the possibilities are exciting: You wouldn't be considered as "critical", and therefore could be considered for other positions. With the extra [More]

  • A Different New Year’s Resolution

    A Different New Year’s Resolution

    Now that the new year is here, it is time to be thinking about all of the "resolutions" that you are going to make. For many people, the top resolution is to do something about their job: get that promotion, work on a special project, ask for a raise, achieve [More]


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