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  • The Speaker/Author Thought Leadership Test

    The Speaker/Author Thought Leadership Test

    While it is true that writing and speaking are both individual skills, this test isn't really a question of evaluating those skills. After all, sadly, "everyone" writes and speaks. The value of the test comes from two separate sources: 1) Third-party validation: To get a book published by a traditional [More]

  • Six Top Thought Leadership Articles

    Six Top Thought Leadership Articles

    For most people in senior roles, the holy grail of recognition is embodied in two terms: Thought Leadership and Trusted Advisor.  Yet too often, these very terms are thrown around, overused, and just perhaps, may be losing their value. Notwithstanding this, the underlying concepts are powerful - with a matching value in the marketplace. [More]

  • Ten Tests for Assessing Influence

    Ten Tests for Assessing Influence

    Influencers are incredibly powerful, not just because of their reach, but because of their trusted relationships. They can bring your name and your services to a completely new audience. They can provide insights into your market - and the market's view about you - that are uniquely valuable.  They can [More]

  • Testing the Social Conversation

    Testing the Social Conversation

    Have you ever put your social influence to the test?  Or said another way, do others find you half as interesting as you do yourself?  If you're not sure, here are seven ideas that might spur some different thinking. 17 Ways to Great Social Engagement: Not sure why your blog [More]

  • Buzz the Buzz

    Buzz the Buzz

    Have you ever been in a situation where everyone is "talking" about a particular movie, restaurant, or gadget?  While the subject of the buzz was probably quite noteworthy, what isn't known is how much professional marketing help it got along the way. If you are looking to develop buzz for [More]

  • Motivation


    What makes you happy either at work? And what makes you unhappy? While you can probably list many items in each category, are they opposites? If something makes you happy, will the absence of it make you unhappy? According to the psychologist Frederick Herzberg, the answer may actually be "no".  [More]

  • Influence


    Governments use regulation to influence how we each make decisions, either through tax policy or laws. Business uses money to change our behavior, either through commission plans, bonuses, or advertising. But how do we, as individuals, change the attitudes and behavior of those around us? The key is our influence [More]

  • No Conflicting Advice

    No Conflicting Advice

    There are great colleagues, and there are bad colleagues, and you have to work with them all. But what happens when your interaction with the bullies and the slackers begins to influence your success? While what you do ultimately depends on your relationship with them, here are some strategies you [More]


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