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  • The Economic Thought Leadership Test

    The Economic Thought Leadership Test

    Have you ever been in a situation where you had to choose between two service providers, where one is 50% more expensive than the other? Here’s the question: what assumptions would you make about each of them, based on their price? Yes, there are many factors that go into pricing, [More]

  • Location or Credibility?

    Location or Credibility?

    With so many Social Media sites out there, where should you spend your time? In the "olden days" of just a few short years ago, it was fairly simple: For business, spend time on LinkedIn. For personal, use Facebook (or in the "real" olden days, use MySpace). If you have [More]

  • Enough Fluff

    Enough Fluff

    In today's society, we are surrounded by fluff: low value information whose noise gets in the way of solid analysis, improved relationships, and personal excellence. Some of the fluff is mis-aimed advertising, some fluff is reply-all emails, and other fluff is "analysis" that doesn't really analyze. We see fluff at [More]

  • Networking fundamentals

    Networking fundamentals

    With the change in seasons, the venues for networking may change, but not the fundamentals. Consider these five key networking concepts; are you doing them all? 1) Give to Get: Add value to your network by sending magazine clippings, web links, or other materials to them, without asking for anything [More]

  • The Case for Certifications

    The Case for Certifications

    There is no question that professional certification in your area of specialization provides enduring value. (In fact, there are a number of professions where you cannot practice without it.) Becoming certified differentiates you from your competition, and signals to others that you uphold certain standards and practices. These may include [More]

  • Career Renovations

    Career Renovations

    As many homeowners know, every few years you look at your home, and decide that one room or another needs a renovation. You go through the work, perhaps re-painting, perhaps purchasing new furniture, or perhaps doing something a bit more radical. When the renovation is complete, you know that it [More]

  • The Not-So-Secret

    The Not-So-Secret

    Wanna hear a secret? If you just have a positive attitude, abundance will be attracted to you. How about this one:  If you only wished you had that great job, it would soon be yours. And of course, if you merely repeat the mantra of "I am a successful person" [More]

  • Notworking


    How much time have you "invested" in networking within Social Media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook? While some people merely respond to connection requests, others are practically addicted. There is a preconception that networking is your connection to your contacts. While partly true, networking is really the positive act [More]

  • Cheap, Smart, and Trusted

    Cheap, Smart, and Trusted

    How do you compete? Why would someone buy your services? While we may not think of ourselves as a product, we compete all of the time: for jobs, for acceptance of our ideas, and for personal approval. Tier one - Price: At the most basic level, you are chosen because [More]


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