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Tomorrow’s job today

by Randall Craig on November 18, 2008

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As children, we get up and go to school… because that’s what we do. As young adults, we choose a college or university to give us the skills to succeed in a particular career. For many people, formal education then stops – and for good reason: why bother with more education, if you know all that you need for your job?

The decision to no longer invest in education rests on a singular assumption: education is all about collecting information, and this information will empower you to do your job. The question, however, is what will allow you to do TOMORROW’S job? Education is not about information collection, but about professional transformation. In order to do tomorrow’s job, there is a requirement for education today.

Thankfully, this education can come in many forms:

  • An additional diploma or degree
  • An advanced degree
  • A professional certification
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Conventions
  • A disciplined reading program
  • Mentors and coaches
  • Volunteering in a leadership role

This week’s action item: While the school of hard knocks is a great educational institution, on-the-job training isn’t the only way to prepare for tomorrow’s job. This week, go back to “school” and commit to one educational activity from the list above. Then ask those around you to do the same. Education is tomorrow’s job today.

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Randall Craig

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One Step

by Randall Craig on September 30, 2008

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Ask any mountain climber – the surest way to the top of the peak is a very simple recipe: put one foot in front of the other. And then do it again. This very simple formula is no different for those looking in advancing their career (or their personal) success.

Education: Most of us forget that it takes over a decade to graduate from high school. Or 3-4 years to get a college diploma. Or 2 years to get a grad degree. (Interesting how each more “valuable” degree takes less-and-less time to earn…?) If you are looking for a professional certification, the only thing that is stopping you is time – and taking the first step.

Experience: How did the person in the corner office get there? While some may say luck played a part, hard work sustained over a long period of time is usually how one becomes experienced. And experience equates to value.

Exercise: Wondering why some people look so fit and trim? It isn’t a fitness pill. They went to the gym, went for a jog or cycle, or went for a walk – consistently, week after week.

Not surprisingly, putting one foot in front of the other works outside of the office as well. How do you finish a puzzle? One piece at a time. How do you develop great relationships? One day at a time.

This week’s action item: While putting one foot in front of the other obviously makes sense, most people trip up because they don’t even start. Choose one activity that you would like to finish, and take that first step.

Note: The Make It Happen Tipsheet is also available by email. Go to to register.

Randall Craig

@RandallCraig (follow me)