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BLOGMonetizing Thought Leadership: Client Journeys

by Randall CraigFiled in: Make It Happen Tipsheet, Blog, Content, Thought Leadership

Have you ever considered how thought leaders translate their reputation to new business? Yes, their reputations naturally serve as a magnet for potential clients, but is there something more that you can do to help?

The answer is an unqualified yes… so long as you match your content with your prospects’ and clients’ journeys.

Monetizing Thought Leadership: Client Journeys

The journey can be characterized in four stages: from “I don’t know this person”, to “I think they are an expert”, to “let’s give them a try”, to “let’s engage them”. (This is my Trust Curve™ model of awareness, preference, trial, commitment. More details at

The idea is that the type of thought leadership content that you produce must closely match where they are on the Trust Curve™. And that specific content is an important driver to help them move to the next stop on their journey.

Here are some examples of matching content:
Awareness: A blog post that describes an issue and provides potential solutions.
Preference: A white paper or podcast that delves deeper and showcases your thinking. and
Trial: An article that provides assurance or helps reduce the risk, or a podcast or webinar that gives them an opportunity to see you in action.
Commitment: An implementation guide.

This week’s action plan:

Review the thought leadership content that you have created over the last 12 months, and list each item’s purpose according to the four stages of their journey. If you are a bit “thin” in one or two of the stages, then let this guide your content development calendar over the next year.

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