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  • Insight: Building a Thinking Organization

    Insight: Building a Thinking Organization

    In just about every organization, the focus is on action.  The connotations of words such as goals, objectives, action plans, and status updates are all positive, and are viewed as necessary for organizational, professional, and personal success.   (Even these Tipsheets, over 600 of them, each end with This Week's [More]

  • Facebook as a Leadership Tool – You Be the Judge

    Facebook as a Leadership Tool – You Be the Judge

    For many individuals, Facebook is a way to connect with friends, family, and just possibly, play a few games. For professional marketers, Facebook is a way to grow the brand, nurture a community of interest, and just possibly, sell. But for senior leaders, Facebook (and other Social Media platforms) might [More]

  • Time is of the Essence

    Time is of the Essence

    Have you ever booked a meeting with others, only to have them show up late? Or started a meeting, only to have some of the participants spend half the time checking their Smartphones? Or watched as a few attendees leave early because of other commitments? Putting aside the rudeness of [More]

  • Celebrate Your Staff

    Celebrate Your Staff

    Most leaders recognize that their staff and colleagues are the ones that are directly responsible for their success. But how often do we recognize them for it? No one likes to be thought of as a "work unit": we are all individuals doing (hopefully) important things. Recognizing, and celebrating your [More]

  • Coaching 1-2-3

    Coaching 1-2-3

    One of the biggest buzzwords in business now is "coaching" - but what does it really mean?. What might spring to mind is the athletic coach, who provides the technical skills and motivation to help the athlete reach their potential. On the other hand, we may think of the mentor, [More]


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