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  • Mastermind


    What would it be worth to you if you could have four times more education, five times the experience, or six times the number of available hours that you currently have? How much better might you do if you had four mentors, four coaches, and maybe even a built-in personal [More]

  • Personal Branding Proxy

    Personal Branding Proxy

    If you think about the various consumer products that you use, most of them enjoy significant brand equity. Each brand name represents a series of attributes: when you think of IBM, for example, you might think of dependable technology for big business; Apple, on the other hand, might represent innovative, [More]

  • Just Ask

    Just Ask

    We ask others for things all of the time: on the job, with our families, and in the community. Yet, we aren't always met with the response we want. How can we improve our odds?  Here are four suggestions: 1) Ask for something specific. If people don't know exactly what [More]

  • The World Revolves Around Others

    The World Revolves Around Others

    The harder you work, the greater your rewards. These words are pounded into our brains from an early age - but are they true? Unfortunately, our rewards are determined not just by how hard we work, but also by those we work with, and especially those we report to. If [More]

  • Network Intention

    Network Intention

    Each holiday season, there is no end to the number of parties, receptions, get-togethers, and other opportunities to spread the good cheer. Some people enjoy this opportunity, and others loathe it. Even for those interested in networking, the "fake smiles" that seemingly must be worn at these events can become [More]

  • The Host

    The Host

    Who do you prefer being - the host or the guest? When you are asked to be a guest at an event, it is a validation of your skills, experience, and your importance. Of course, being a guest has it's obligations: if the invitation is a personal one, you often [More]

  • One Phone Call

    One Phone Call

    If you could make one - and only one - phone call to improve your professional success, who would it be to? And what would you say? If you could arrange one - and only one - meeting, who would you call? And what would you say? Would the call [More]

  • Breaking Convention

    Breaking Convention

    Recently, I came back from the annual convention of an association that I am highly involved in. There were plenty of keynotes, workshops, and networking that were simply excellent. But the value of attending only accrues after you come home. The next time you attend a conference or trade show, [More]

  • Networking Choices: Deepen your relationships, or find new ones?

    Networking Choices: Deepen your relationships, or find new ones?

    Everyone knows the importance of a network, but what if you have recently moved to a new city (or country), and you don't know a single person? Or if you are a young person just beginning a career, and your network doesn't yet exist? Or if you have just taken [More]

  • Notworking


    How much time have you "invested" in networking within Social Media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook? While some people merely respond to connection requests, others are practically addicted. There is a preconception that networking is your connection to your contacts. While partly true, networking is really the positive act [More]


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