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BLOGThe Corporate Work-out?

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I was remarking the other day how crowded my fitness club was, and I was reminded about the semi-annual migration that tends to happen just after the holiday season, and just before the bathing suit one. For those who have figured out how to embed fitness into their weekly routines, the migration (and the crowds) are more an annoyance than anything else.

Research suggests that it takes 21 repetitions before an activity becomes habit. So after 7 weeks of working out 3 times weekly, presumably you will continue working out in the future. The question that I am pondering has to do with corporate habits – or rather, corporate culture. How can we short-cut these 21 repetitions if we wish to change a corporate culture?
Some ideas so far:

– Communications strategy
– Tone from the top
– Company-wide Kick-offs and town-hall meetings
– Reward system for proper behavior and attitude
– Bona fide career development, not just job evaluation
– Loosened policies to empower thinking
– Rebranding (and most importantly, building the brand below the logo)
– Use of new technology to encourage change (wiki’s, discussion boards, etc.)

What else should go on this list?

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