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  • Airplane-mode networking

    Airplane-mode networking

    After arriving at an event and noticing a few people you know - and hundreds that you don't - what is your first inclination? a) To make a bee-line to those you know? b) To introduce yourself to those you don't? c) None of the above? Sadly, more people are [More]

  • It’s not about me

    It’s not about me

    Maybe you also have seen this TV commercial. After a service encounter, an attractive executive faces the camera, smiles and says, "It's all about me." If someone said this type of comment to you, what would you think? If everyone had this type of attitude, we wouldn't have volunteers, mentors, [More]

  • Exit the Bubble: Unfinding Your Tribe

    Exit the Bubble: Unfinding Your Tribe

    Do you actively seek out different opinions than your own, or unwittingly reinforce your personal world-view by only consuming "agreeable" content? While we may think we do the former - who doesn't have a self image of being open-minded - too often we live in a bubble. The promise of [More]

  • Who is your Mahamood?

    Who is your Mahamood?

    Ever wonder about the impact you made with those you've touched? Whether you would be remembered or not? And for what? Every so often, we get a stark reminder of this: someone doesn't remember you - but you think they should. Or someone comes up to you and reminds you [More]

  • Best of… Networking

    Best of… Networking

    Of the hundreds of tipsheets that I have written over the years, I am often asked which are the "best" ones about a particular subject. Not surprisingly, networking comes up over and over again. Some of the most impactful ideas on networking: Give and You Shall Receive: on the importance [More]

  • Social Media Tune-up

    Social Media Tune-up

    Your car needs a tune-up every once in a while. As individuals, we go to the doctor or dentist on a regular schedule. But have you ever done a social media tune-up? Didn't think so. We sign up to a number of sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others), use [More]

  • Networking Three-Step

    Networking Three-Step

    Networking is probably the most important skill you can learn. It is a prerequisite for professional success, meet new friends - and even meet your spouse. Yet strangely, this key skill is rarely taught in school.  We all seem to learn by happenstance. At its core, networking is actually very [More]

  • Viral Career Marketing

    Viral Career Marketing

    Viral marketing remains a hot concept today, even though it has been around for quite some time. Traditional marketers focus on defining People, Place, Price, and Product, and then executing their plan. Viral marketers try to empower those already using the product or service to tell their friends about it [More]


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