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  • Build It and They Will Come:  Social Media Promotion Strategy

    Build It and They Will Come: Social Media Promotion Strategy

    While Build It and They Will Come might work in the movies (remember Field of Dreams?), it doesn't quite work that way online. Yes, you can put up a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or YouTube channel, but how can you truly attract followers?  And how can you truly drive engagement?  [More]

  • A New York state of mind

    A New York state of mind

    How would you describe a typical New Yorker?  More likely than not, you wouldn't use the same words to describe someone from Los Angeles, or from a small mid-western town. People are a product of their environment, and often will take on the mindset, attitudes, and perspectives of where they [More]

  • Gutless and Spineless…

    Gutless and Spineless…

    ...and afraid of the marketplace of ideas.  These are not exactly the attributes that most organizations (or people) aspire to. Yet most have a Social Media strategy that conveys precisely that.  Here's the case: Most organizations have Facebook pages.  Some of them have invested significantly in nifty functionality that runs [More]

  • Active Listening

    Active Listening

    If you are in a meeting, and the speaker seems to be repeating themselves, is it their fault... or yours? While it is true that communication is tough, could it be that they are repeating themselves because they "see" that you aren't listening? They reason - sometimes subconsciously - that [More]

  • Elevator Pitch – Going Up

    Elevator Pitch – Going Up

    You're in the elevator, or waiting in line at the coffee shop, and someone says to you "Aren't we going to meet in just a few minutes? Tell me about yourself..." While you may not be ready to meet the person right then and there, the opportunity to make a [More]


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