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  • Three Digital Strategies

    Three Digital Strategies

    Most organizations invest in their external digital footprint.  They start with a strategy, then execute it, monitor it, and if they are good, they feed these results back into the strategy.  A feedback loop is critical, as it both injects market knowledge into the organization, and enables continuous improvement. Unfortunately, [More]

  • Growing Social Legs: Event-powered Communities

    Growing Social Legs: Event-powered Communities

    "Selling" the movie to distributors and driving public demand for the movie was his real challenge... or was it? Lixin Fan's ulterior goal was to show the real China, and particularly the younger generation, to foster an understanding of the country on an international stage. At the same time, the [More]

  • Trust: Earning the Right to Ask

    Trust: Earning the Right to Ask

    How often have you walked in a shop, only to feel pressured into buying something you didn't really want?  Perhaps you were at a restaurant, and the waiter actually sits down at your table, introduces him or herself, and asks for your order? Or maybe you found yourself in the [More]

  • Exceeding Expectations

    Exceeding Expectations

    Two people walk into the campground office. The park ranger warns that there are bears - and that it is dangerous. The first camper quickly replies - "that won't be a problem". The ranger says, "I hope you can run fast - very fast".  "Not really," the camper replied. "But [More]

  • Does it (Google) Translate?

    Does it (Google) Translate?

    If you are reading this, the chances are very high that you understand English. But what if you didn't? What if your target audience didn't? Or what if your target audience did understand, but felt more comfortable in their own mother tongue? The obvious solution: translate your content. The not-so-obvious [More]

  • CASL:  Six Name Recapture Strategies

    CASL: Six Name Recapture Strategies

    Canadians are (supposedly) no longer receiving non-consensual emails, as these are no longer allowed under Canadian Anti-Spam law (CASL).  Yet spam continues to pour in from overseas - as do "legitimate" marketing emails from organizations outside of the country.  Seemingly, the only losers are the businesses that actually comply.  If [More]

  • Real World or Digital

    Real World or Digital

    Despite the near ubiquity of Social Media, you can't say hello to your Starbucks barista there.  Putting aside Zoom, which isn't Social Media anyway, you can't see your team's body language during a meeting.  You can't celebrate with friends and family in real-time.  Everything seems to be in 2D - [More]

  • CASL: Double Opt-in is not Express Consent (and vice-versa)

    CASL: Double Opt-in is not Express Consent (and vice-versa)

    With seven-digit penalties, many marketers are looking carefully at how they are addressing the Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL) and similar legislation in other parts of the world. Unfortunately, many are making a critical error that may later haunt them - and cost.  They are assuming that an email "double-opt-in" constitutes Express [More]

  • Action Bulletin: Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

    Action Bulletin: Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

    There is no doubt that SPAM - unwanted commercial electronic messages - is a major problem.  It consumes internet bandwidth, clogs our inboxes, and saps productivity.  The solution - spam filters - often makes the problem worse by wrongly filtering legitimate communications into the junk mail folder. Another solution, legislation, [More]

  • Blogging at the Intersection of Relevance

    Blogging at the Intersection of Relevance

    How often do you read a blog post that was just not relevant?  Or from the blog writer's perspective, how do you make sure that your content is relevant, makes a difference, and achieves its objectives? At a high level, there are three key steps that need to take place: [More]


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