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  • Big Data and NO Competitive Advantage: The Tenant Problem

    Big Data and NO Competitive Advantage: The Tenant Problem

    Is the ability to quickly build a community or identify prospects through content or ads just too tempting to resist? For most people, all of this is true. And it is, actually, too good to be true. Over the longer term, these prospects — and in fact your entire marketing [More]

  • The Database Thought Leadership Test

    The Database Thought Leadership Test

    Let’s consider the snail-mail mailing list. This was usually a database file maintained in a central computer. To send a mailing, you printed the labels onto labels, and then sent the labels to a mailing house to be manually affixed to what was being sent. Usually the process took weeks. [More]

  • Avoiding a disastrous CRM implementation

    Avoiding a disastrous CRM implementation

    CRM (Client Relationship Management) systems are known for two things: the promise of driving sales, and the almost inevitable disastrous implementation.  And the same is often true of other big tech projects.  But does this really have to be the case? Here are 12 key items that can make a difference between a [More]

  • Growing Your List (Part 2)

    Growing Your List (Part 2)

    In the first part of this post, we consider the importance of growing all channels - not just email.  In this post, we look specifically at growing your email list - 11 different ways of doing so: Plug the leaks:  Sometimes a list is growing just fine, but the growth is negated by people who [More]

  • Growing Your List (Part 1)

    Growing Your List (Part 1)

    Almost every organization has a list - or several.  The list is used for service and event updates, for marketing, sales, and then billing.  It is used to recruit, it is used for retention.  And because it is so central, it is also the subject of a critical marketing question: [More]

  • Eleven Key Marketing Automation Sequences

    Eleven Key Marketing Automation Sequences

    Back in the dark ages of the internet, marketing was simple: send a monthly ezine, sales offers, and any other buzzworthy content down the pipe and a certain percentage of people will “convert.” Money automatically transferred into your account as the list was monetized.  Today, it’s no longer that simple. [More]

  • Nurture Marketing: No or “Not Yet”

    Nurture Marketing: No or “Not Yet”

    Have you ever put in a proposal, or answered an enquiry about your products or services, and then waited patiently for their answer about the next step? While images of pulling petals off a daisy might come to mind ("He loves me, he loves me not") the words that ultimate [More]

  • Three types of emails

    Three types of emails

    Look into your inbox, and you'll see emails that others have sent to you.  Look more closely though, and you'll see three types.  From a marketer's perspective, each has its own place, and each has its own purpose. Used incorrectly, they often will have the opposite impact: annoyance, disengagement, unsubscribes, [More]

  • Social ROI: Connecting Community to Commitment

    Social ROI: Connecting Community to Commitment

    Do you have a creeping feeling that you will never get an adequate return on your Social Media investment?  If so, you're probably right. To improve digital ROI requires three key ingredients: the first reduces costs, and the second and third improve return. Improve program efficiency: Swap out experimentation and [More]

  • Insight: Omni-channel experience

    Insight: Omni-channel experience

    How often do you research a product online, and then purchase it at the store?  Or, check out the product at the store, and then use the internet to make the purchase?  If so, you're not alone. These newer consumer behaviors are both the new reality for retailers - and [More]


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