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How many people remember the concept of “customer first”? Recently I had an experience where this lesson was absolutely forgotten.

I had done my homework beforehand, and had gone to the retail outlet to make a multi-thousand-dollar purchase. There were three clerks on duty, and not another customer in sight. My question on delivery options could not be answered by anyone – so I asked whether a manager would be available to shed some light. The clerk said “absolutely”, and then went to the back room for a minute, returning with the answer to my question – or so I thought: “The manager is on lunch – come back later”. I asked if it would be possible for the manager to answer my one question, and then I could proceed with the purchase. The clerk scurried into the back, returning again with a similar answer: “The manager is still on lunch – he doesn’t know when he’ll be finished. Come back later.”

Putting aside the customer-last attitude, the manager’s answers were unbelievable: the example being set for the floor clerks is unfortunate at best. I left, telling the clerk that it was clear that the manager’s lunch was more important than me, and that this wasn’t appreciated.

Who bears the blame here – the manager? I would suggest that he was somewhat at fault. But who hired the manager? Who trained the manager? And who is monitoring the manager?

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