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BLOGApple’s Trust Disclosure as a Competitive Advantage

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Back in the early days of privacy awareness (eg. 2021), Apple stunned both the development community and the advertising world by requiring a “Privacy Label” on any app or service that was available from their app store. Looking like nutrition labels in the 1970’s, for the very first time, consumers were given a glimmer of how their information was being monetized (or not) by the app and platform providers.

Two of the biggest surprises that weren’t surprises at all: far more was being shared than anyone ever expected, and different companies had a vastly different take on data grabbing.

Apple’s Trust Disclosure as a Competitive Advantage

While this graphic (source: Reddit) shows the differences for messaging platforms, the difference is just as stark for browsers (Chrome vs all others), and search (Google vs all others.) And Android (vs iOS). And Google Assistant and Alexa (vs Siri).

The question, however, isn’t how “good” or “bad” a particular app may be, but rather, whether there is an opportunity to weaponize privacy from a marketing perspective. Or said another way, is there consumer value in having a “clean” privacy label? The answer is yes… unless your business is selling advertising.

This week’s action plan:

Most organizations have deployed at least one app (and certainly have a website.) This week, compare your privacy label to your competitors’. Do you really need to track as much as you do? Reduce the snooping, and then add this consumer-friendly differentiator to your marketing message.

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