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  • Viewpoint: Planning for an Uncertain Future

    Viewpoint: Planning for an Uncertain Future

    In 1997 there was no Google. In 2002 there was no Facebook. There was no Twitter in 2004, Alexa only made it's debut in 2014, and TikTok in 2017. There is no indication that the pace of innovation will slow, so how can you plan for the future when the [More]

  • Focus on the Question

    Focus on the Question

    Whenever there is uncertainty, we look for answers. We investigate alternatives, and then choose a course of action. Often, however, we are unsatisfied with the results, or have a sinking feeling that we've missed a key piece of information along the way. Albert Einstein had an interesting approach to this: [More]

  • Alternative options

    Alternative options

    At any point in your life, have you ever found yourself backed into a corner, uncertain how you were going to proceed? It may have been a tough client, a project gone awry, a personal relationship gone sour, or maybe a financial crisis. When this happens, there are a number [More]


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