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  • Backwards Thinking

    Backwards Thinking

    How often do you crack open the instruction manual for the new TV, car, or piece of software? If you're like most, the answer is never. Reading through an endless list of functions is both irrelevant, and incredibly dull. In other words, a colossal waste of time. Why then, when [More]

  • Repurposing


    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an author of a book, but you can't see yourself ever finding the time to make it happen? If so, you are exactly like the vast majority of authors, before they write their first book. So how do they [More]

  • Squeezing the Negative

    Squeezing the Negative

    Have you ever been in a situation with your team when you're trying to figure out how to get everything just right? As problem solvers, our attention quickly focuses on what is wrong. We think that if the deficiencies could be removed, then everything would be perfect. Processes would be [More]

  • The Secret… System

    The Secret… System

    Are you one of those people who are organized, or are you prone to clutter? Do you always get things done, or do you sometimes let things slip? And are you calm under pressure, or do you get easily flustered? Often, professional success isn't just a question of intellect or [More]

  • Process Professional

    Process Professional

    It is NOT hard to achieve professional success - it's just that we don't have practice doing it. We spend each day becoming stronger in our area of expertise - yet for the vast majority of people, looking for the next opportunity is something that occurs only a few times [More]

  • Don’t Focus on Results

    Don’t Focus on Results

    Did you reach your quota? Have you completed that report? Did you win your case? How many people did you serve today? While you might be measured on different criteria, there is one common thread: each of these statements focuses on results. And focusing on results... results in, well, results. [More]

  • It’s (not) all about me

    It’s (not) all about me

    Even if your day job isn't "sales", how often do you engage in the act of selling? More than you might realize. We pitch ideas to our managers or the board. As advisors, we sell our recommendations to our clients. We sell our staff on what they should do. We [More]


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