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  • Nine Privacy Action Points

    Nine Privacy Action Points

    Many organizations have taken initial steps on this path, but most have taken a "risk minimization" approach, rather than seeing the effort being one of investment into their brand. Here are nine different ways that you can improve privacy within your organization — and build a higher level of trust [More]

  • Shadow Profiles and Hidden Demographics

    Shadow Profiles and Hidden Demographics

    As should be obvious, both platforms make their money by selling access to their users: you are the product, and they are monetizing you. In the spirit of openness and transparency, they actually DO allow you to get a glimpse of the attributes that they track about you. They also [More]

  • Viewpoint: Feedback on a “bad” post

    Viewpoint: Feedback on a “bad” post

    It's amazing how a "different" perspective-type post generates a ton of feedback.   Two years ago I wrote a post on how to become invisible on the web.  The post described how to remove your footprint, guard your privacy, and generally how to avoid being digitally targeted. The post also [More]

  • Insight:  Becoming web invisible

    Insight: Becoming web invisible

    With so much discussion about work-life balance, privacy, confidentiality, data hacks, and government snooping, is it any wonder that some people have decided to move off the grid, and become web-invisible?  Or for others to more closely monitor their web profiles, and either partially or completely remove themselves?  Finally, there [More]

  • Viewpoint: Social Censorship

    Viewpoint: Social Censorship

    No CEO wants to be known as a hypocrite.  But unfortunately, many are precisely that - here's why. There is an interesting conundrum that many companies face when expanding beyond their borders. A key reason for their success at home has been that they could take advantage of the homegrown [More]

  • Viewpoint:  Does Free Always Mean Free?

    Viewpoint: Does Free Always Mean Free?

    Beyond the embarrassing photos, new found friends, professional connections, and social gaming, there lurks a conflict - and conflict of interest - that most people know nothing about. On the one hand there are Social Media venues all of whom have a business model that provides free consumer functionality in [More]

  • Private or Public?

    Private or Public?

    So many of the changes from Facebook highlight an important risk in Social Media: there is very little privacy, and there will be even less in the future. Facebook has long coveted connecting outward to the rest of the internet, and with their Open Graph initiative, they have provided the [More]


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