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  • The Authentic Me

    The Authentic Me

    Have you ever listened to a presentation and thought it sounded fake?  Or met someone for the first time, and thought they were different in person when compared to their emails? Too often, we think that we need to be different people to different audiences:  the stern parent, the loving [More]

  • Reference Check Marks

    Reference Check Marks

    Reference checks are probably the most unknown - and sometimes scariest - part of the recruitment process. When someone checks your references, what do they ask? If you are asked to "call the applicant's references", what questions should you use? Essentially, reference checks are used to verify resume and interview [More]

  • Don’t Focus on Results

    Don’t Focus on Results

    Did you reach your quota? Have you completed that report? Did you win your case? How many people did you serve today? While you might be measured on different criteria, there is one common thread: each of these statements focuses on results. And focusing on results... results in, well, results. [More]


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