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  • LinkedIn Crowdsourcing

    LinkedIn Crowdsourcing

    Are you befuddled whenever a new "feature" gets added to your favorite website or social platform?  Or are you excited about the possibility that the new feature may unlock for you?  The Endorsement feature of LinkedIn holds fascinating possibilities, but unlike every other part of your profile, it is the [More]

  • Backwards Thinking

    Backwards Thinking

    How often do you crack open the instruction manual for the new TV, car, or piece of software? If you're like most, the answer is never. Reading through an endless list of functions is both irrelevant, and incredibly dull. In other words, a colossal waste of time. Why then, when [More]

  • Reference and Recommendations

    Reference and Recommendations

    Whenever you are considered for a new relationship - as a supplier, client, or investor - the "buyer" needs to check you out. This is especially true when it comes to applying for a new role. The dreaded reference check (or background check) need not be that stressful, if only [More]

  • Barack Obama:  The ultimate job search

    Barack Obama: The ultimate job search

    Ten Career Planning Tips that we can learn from Barack Obama (and John McCain) Thinking back to the American Presidential election, are there any job search and career planning lessons that can be learned from Obama's historic victory? The answer, of course, is yes. 1) Anyone can grow up to [More]

  • Unqualified!


    Nobody likes the odds in a lottery, but when you apply for a new role or pitch a new opportunity, sometimes it feels like you're buying a ticket for one. When you put your name in the hat, you do so with 1000 others. Get through the screener and your [More]

  • Promise Keepers

    Promise Keepers

    You probably thought a cover letter showcased your fit for a job. You're right - it does this. You probably thought your resume was something that would qualify you (or not) for an interview. You're right - it does this. And you probably thought an interview was something that you [More]

  • Interview Questions

    Interview Questions

    Research shows that people don't quit their company - they quit their boss. Think about it: the best managers can coach you... or kill you. They can approve training... or they can throw you to the wolves. Every organization has great managers - and some duds. That is why job [More]

  • Reference Check Marks

    Reference Check Marks

    Reference checks are probably the most unknown - and sometimes scariest - part of the recruitment process. When someone checks your references, what do they ask? If you are asked to "call the applicant's references", what questions should you use? Essentially, reference checks are used to verify resume and interview [More]

  • Nickels and Dimes

    Nickels and Dimes

    If you had a choice to be paid either $500 or $1000 for a service that you delivered, which would you choose? Most of us would choose the greater amount; after all, if we have to do the work, why not be paid as much as the market will bear? [More]

  • Trust but Verify

    Trust but Verify

    Recently someone asked me to discuss how to choose interview questions, and specifically how to look for for people with a great work ethic. Here's how I answered: If you are of the mind that past performance is an indicator of future performance, then part of what you want to [More]


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