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  • Viewpoint:  Does Free Always Mean Free?

    Viewpoint: Does Free Always Mean Free?

    Beyond the embarrassing photos, new found friends, professional connections, and social gaming, there lurks a conflict - and conflict of interest - that most people know nothing about. On the one hand there are Social Media venues all of whom have a business model that provides free consumer functionality in [More]

  • Reference and Recommendations

    Reference and Recommendations

    Whenever you are considered for a new relationship - as a supplier, client, or investor - the "buyer" needs to check you out. This is especially true when it comes to applying for a new role. The dreaded reference check (or background check) need not be that stressful, if only [More]

  • Becoming the Perfect Candidate

    Becoming the Perfect Candidate

    My coaching clients often will ask - how do I make myself perfect for an opportunity that I just became aware of? Most people know the basics: do the research, do a ton of networking, write a great cover letter, and customize your resume. And make sure that you know [More]


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