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My Tipsheets are chock full of ideas. They are all aimed at translating knowledge into a quick, action-oriented 60-second nugget.

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Whenever I speak or write, I often prepare extra "bonus" materials.
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Randall has written seven, including one best-seller.  The four books below are most appropriate for reinforcing the concepts in his presentations.

The Everything Guide to Starting an Online Business: This 300-page book provides some of the most up-to-date strategies and tactics for building an online business.  From business planning, to marketing – real and online – to SEO, Social Media, conversion, CRM integration, and more.

Social Media for Business – 101 Ways to Grow your Business without wasting your time: This softcover book provides specific strategies and tactics that focus on building business.  In addition to marketing and PR, it addresses recruiting, risk management, cost, ROI, and other key business issues. Managers will learn how to save time and develop a weekly checklist of social media priorities, attract the right job candidates, and help improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.  Little known fact:  this book actually provides 157 ways to grow your business, not 101 as it states on the cover.

Online PR and Social Media series: these books address two issues:  Efficiency and Risk mitigation.  They describe a clear strategy, and then step-by-step instructions on implementing the strategy. There are two books in the series: one for individuals (Experts, Consultants, Authors, Speakers, etc), and one for Associations/Not-for-Profits.

Personal Balance Sheet: While the book does describe some of the concepts from Randall’s Social Media presentations (eg Price/Expertise/Trust model, Give to Get, etc), it is more focused on real-world networking in the context of developing a successful career or business.

Social Media for Business by Randall CraigOnline PR and Socail Media for Associations and Not-for-Profit Personal Balance Sheet