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  • Nine Privacy Action Points

    Nine Privacy Action Points

    Many organizations have taken initial steps on this path, but most have taken a "risk minimization" approach, rather than seeing the effort being one of investment into their brand. Here are nine different ways that you can improve privacy within your organization — and build a higher level of trust [More]

  • Insight: Dark Patterns

    Insight: Dark Patterns

    Dark patterns rely on a strong understanding of human psychology and online behavior to shuttle people along a path, usually with an unexpected outcome. Two examples come to mind. When one registers a domain name, there is usually a price attached to it, usually about $15. But on the way [More]

  • Insight:  Becoming web invisible

    Insight: Becoming web invisible

    With so much discussion about work-life balance, privacy, confidentiality, data hacks, and government snooping, is it any wonder that some people have decided to move off the grid, and become web-invisible?  Or for others to more closely monitor their web profiles, and either partially or completely remove themselves?  Finally, there [More]

  • Three lessons from the Facebook prospectus

    Three lessons from the Facebook prospectus

    If you're reading this, the chances that you are on Facebook are relatively high. And sadly, the chances that you personally will duplicate Mark Zuckerberg's business success are relatively low. Very few of us will take our companies public, let along profit so handsomely during our careers. What we can [More]


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