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  • One step back, two steps forward

    One step back, two steps forward

    It's always frustrating when after much hard work, you hit an obstacle: you're not sure of the next step, a key person doesn't buy in, or you forgot to book a key piece of equipment. When this happens, you (and your team) often become demotivated, and progress usually stalls. You're [More]

  • All by myself

    All by myself

    The bane of the extremely capable is that they tend to do things themselves. They are masters of rationalization: it is faster if they do it. Only they have the experience or judgment to make the call. They don't have time to delegate. Or they don't know how. The result [More]

  • A Better Four-Letter Word

    A Better Four-Letter Word

    Have you ever been in a conversation when the other person spends more time talking about themselves than the subject at hand? They pepper the conversation with me, myself, and I, assuming that you (and others) are held spellbound by their perspective and accomplishments. Me has two letters, but it [More]

  • Great First Impressions

    Great First Impressions

    So you suddenly have a new boss? You're surely looking to make a good - or rather great - impression. After all, this person effectively controls your destiny: the type of projects, your compensation,  promotions, and the quality of your workday. What can you do to ensure a proper transition [More]


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