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  • Mission Possible

    Mission Possible

    What would you do if you could have five "free" years to do whatever you like? Would you pick up a musical instrument? Would you spend more time building relationships with your friends and family? Would you re-do your education completely, or perhaps get a graduate degree? Would you start [More]

  • When the shoe fits

    When the shoe fits

    One of the most effective ways that we learn is by observing, and interacting, with those around us. We look at those who have achieved great success, and assume that if we only follow their advice - and do what they do - then we will also be successful like [More]

  • Process Professional

    Process Professional

    It is NOT hard to achieve professional success - it's just that we don't have practice doing it. We spend each day becoming stronger in our area of expertise - yet for the vast majority of people, looking for the next opportunity is something that occurs only a few times [More]

  • Roadmap


    Annoyed with your clients, suppliers, colleagues, and boss? Just putting in your time, "working for the man", all for a paycheck you think is too low? For some people, this unfortunate scenario is all too real... but why should it be? For many others bad bosses and dull jobs are [More]

  • September Makes You Stronger

    September Makes You Stronger

    After a summer of vacation or an extended vacation, a relaxed pace, and perhaps a bit too much socializing, you're back at your desk, thinking about how to kick-start your career - or at least keep a semblance of work-life balance. After all, you've just come back from a great [More]

  • Secret Sauce

    Secret Sauce

    There is no shortage of books, experts, websites, and computer programs that purport to tell you how to achieve professional (and also personal) success. They exist because of the market's insatiable appetite for self-improvement. When you examine them closely, the vast majority have two things in common: Success will be [More]

  • The Opportunity of Unscheduled Time

    The Opportunity of Unscheduled Time

    I am writing this as I'm sitting in an airport terminal, enjoying yet another flight delay. In particular, I am sitting in a seat where I can survey all of my fellow passengers. It is very rare that I find an entire three hours (and counting) where I can spend [More]

  • Winning the Interview Beauty Contest

    Winning the Interview Beauty Contest

    How can you do better at job interviews? It's not about being "lucky", nor is it about winning a beauty contest, it's about preparation, presentation, and perseverance: Fish where the fish are: Only apply for those positions where you have a strong chance of success. Energy wasted with pointless applications [More]

  • Don’t Focus on Results

    Don’t Focus on Results

    Did you reach your quota? Have you completed that report? Did you win your case? How many people did you serve today? While you might be measured on different criteria, there is one common thread: each of these statements focuses on results. And focusing on results... results in, well, results. [More]

  • Good Job

    Good Job

    When was the last time your boss said "good job"? Of course, good leaders understand the importance of praise, and we always feel motivated when this happens. But is there a connection between doing a good job, and getting a better one? There is - but not in the way [More]


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